Download Internet Download Manager 2019 free without registration

Internet Download Manager is one of the most powerful programs that download files from different websites very quickly with the ease of control and organize the files that are downloaded daily through the program, and you can from the main interface of the program to see the amount of files uploaded or download speed that The most important feature behind the use of the program is to enable you to provide possibilities, which can speed up the loading of files, whether files PDF documents or games or programs or compressed files and give information about the Compressed files downloaded and received and the speed of downloading files in a second Dah, the program also reviews the remaining length of time to complete and upload files to obtain a copy of them on your PC and ease.

What is characterized by the program Internet Download Manager: -
- Internet Download Manager Manager supports the possibility of fragmentation of files and download files respectively by scheduling the download of files so that you can download a file and adjust the length of the file and the following is automatically downloaded.

- Through Internet Download Manager can determine the speed at which files are downloaded and later you can browse the Internet quickly if you download files and download files at the speed specified previously through your settings.

- Allows the program to determine the possibility of saving files on the computer and also the possibility to adjust the settings to close the computer after the completion of the download.

- The program to download all files from the Internet at a speed of more than five times the speed of download in the Internet browsers, so the program is effective and distinctive in downloading files from the Internet.

Download Internet Download Manager 2019 free without registration

We will update the program periodically with the new versions of the official site of the program and we hope to follow up updates and upload in order to work better with Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and also interested in updating the Flash Player is very important for better browsing and also helps the Internet program manager download in the currency.
r . Allows you to specify the speed you want to upload a particular file, which is the speed division available to you from the service provider, this feature is very useful if you want to browse the Internet during the download process for a particular file Internet Download Manager giant manager download files faster and stronger. Internet Download Manager.

تحميل برنامج انترنت داونلود مانجر 2016

Some may ask why the download manager is better

The answer is that the download manager program is different from other programs, it splits the files into small parts and each part is loaded separately and after the end of the download is linked to each other parts is the fastest program to download the computer so far DownloadManager is a tool to manage the download because it provides the ability to Increase download speed up to 5 times normal loading It also includes many other features that help the user to perform this task without hassles such as download appeals, with other options such as disconnecting, or shutting down the computer when it finishes downloading files b Internet Download Manager supports many web browsers such as Opera, MSN, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Highlights of IDM 2019

1. Support resuming downloads if downloads are interrupted due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns or unexpected power outages.
2. The use of modern technology helps to break the large file size, which increases the download speed.
3. Support all browsers such as Opera, Firefox, Google Play, Internet Explorer and all other popular browsers in addition to dealing with downloads automatically.
4. The feature of dragging and dropping files and adjusting the time required for the Internet Download Manager IDM download the files you want and then turn off your computer when it is done.
5. Support many international languages ​​such as Arabic, French, German, English and others.
6. Secure downloading of files from the Internet where they are free of viruses, malware, trojans and spyware.
7.Download the download schedule you want to upload to upload one file after another, you can download all files from the Internet such as pictures, audio files, documents and others.

 Download the new Internet Download Manager software with unique features and updates made the download faster than before. The Internet Download Manager Arabic program contains many features of rapid download. The download files have been divided to a large number so that it doubles the download speed and download time. Internet Download Manager is a great and fast download

Download Internet Download Manager

Download Mozilla Firefox Quantum for PC 2019

Download Mozilla Firefox browser Quantum Firefox Quantum The latest version of the direct link to the computer and mobile is the subject of today, Hello and welcome dear followers and visitors of the site of Trade Soft Software, applications and free games We talked about many topics about Internet browsers and mentioned the best programs that are used in this area full explanation today will We offer you a detailed explanation of the Internet Mozilla Firefox Quantum totally new from which you can access various Web sites browser, but this version was developed and resolve all the problems faced by users in previous versions , a distinctive version called Quantum , which are characterized  As you resolve all the problems existing in the Firefox browser and overcome the Google Chrome browser.

Download Mozilla Firefox Quantum for PC 2019

Download Mozilla Firefox Quantum for PC 2019

What is Fairfax Quantum 2019 for PC and Mobile?

The new Firefox browser is fast and easy to use, it is twice as fast and the best, it is light on the devices, consumes 30% less memory than Google Chrome, keeps the privacy and user data from tracking and spyware, and also works in many languages. In many different languages ​​of the world with fully translated versions, you can download Firefox Firefox, a translator in Arabic and the languages ​​of the world. The program has been supported for the computer version, and new themes and backgrounds have been added that can be used inside the browser so that you do not feel bored.  Internet browser Firefox Quantum on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus through version 62.0.3, which was updated on October 2, and has been developed advanced options to download this browser is running on Windows 64-bit in addition to macOS and Linux 64- bit and on Google Play Store for Android phones. Firefox can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod free of charge free of charge to enjoy a fast, light and secure browser with extensions and extensions that can be fully customized and can synchronize between your different devices All tabs can be moved Open and disable  Ad Tracking to browse faster and reduce memory consumption can also activate a special browsing mode stronger through the hidden browsing feature and many additions we will mention in detail in this subject.

 A review of Firefox's Quantum browser tools: -

•  The main browser interface : The new version of the browser Mozilla Firefox Quantum features and features and new tools and a whole new shape has been developed and improved colors within it You can also use themes and download more formats so as not to be bored when using a browser that works efficiently on the computer and through it Save your favorite sites, create your own folders, customize bookmarks and save your favorite pages on the most beautiful browser interface.

•  Add-ons and favorite attachments : Firefox has a wide range of tools and plug-ins that users can use. It has a powerful and powerful ad blocker that protects the privacy and user data by downloading programs. There is also a complete store where these plugins can be downloaded. These extensions have been optimized to appeal to the user as shown in the image.

Download Firefox Quantum Free

•  Customize your browser : Customize your browser Mozilla Firefox 2019 The latest version contains themes that can be set as wallpapers to work while using the browser. You can also fully control your browser settings and change settings to suit your personal use. The browser has a complete catalog of music, sports and movies. Enjoy live and direct sampling provided by Mozilla.

Firefox Quantum Full Apk

•  Sync between devices : One of the most important tools that have been modified in Firefox is the synchronization feature, which enables you to browse the Internet without interruption because the program enables you to access the tongues and passwords and makes the browser completely personal to get the security of your account and all your data and help you to keep it safe You can fully control your data and use your passwords in a very easy way by connecting all your devices to each other on a single browser.

•  The hidden mode : Mozilla Firefox in this version to protect more when using the Internet to reduce the user's fears and protect privacy In this sense you can browse the Internet without leaving any traces The browser automatically delete your browsing, and delete the passwords and history of browsing On your device If you close your browser so that you do not leave hidden software that can access your data, browse faster, and increase the size of the pages you browse on your browser, the hidden browsing mode also gives you complete disabling of ads that contain hidden intrusions.

•  Pocket : You can manage all your passwords without having to save passwords in your memory because this browser contains a password manager that helps you to retrieve forgotten passwords in order to access your favorite sites automatically, you can also set A password for the browser's main interface, where you can log in to your social networking account without the password being hidden. You can choose one of the extensions for this extension and discover new extensions that can be used on Firefox.

•  Preventing ads permanently : If compared to Mozilla browser Google Chrome browser we find that the Mozilla browser does not consume a large percentage of memory, which ensures you to browse smoothly and fast, where Chrome consumes 1.77 times what Firefox consumes from the memory of the device and that Firefox is free to allow additional memory for multiple copies of all Your favorite programs so you browse the Internet faster and prevents ads completely and prevents them from loading on the pages you visit from what ensures you to browse quickly without consuming the memory device.

•  Screen capture : You can take screenshot of the screen inside the browser Mozilla Firefox Quantum 2019 for the computer last version that allows you to use the tool Screenshots in the browser, which enables you to screen the screen and save this image on the computer and makes you upgrade the level of the browser where you can use all tongues faster, It allows you to play 3D games and does not play the game or reboot the device by increasing the operating speed and reducing the waiting time to download.

 Firefox browser on Android and iPhone: -

The Mozilla Firefox browser is comprehensive and fast. You can surf the Internet without any problems. The new version of the mobile has multiple privacy options that allow you to synchronize all your devices to reach your favorite lists, passwords stored on your browser and the last browsing history. Mobile, computer, and security transactions that keep your data, you can share things over the web and fully control the ads that appear on your mobile and shut down completely, Mozilla Firefox browser for Android 2019 can delete all the pages you visited as  This is the case for mobile completely with the hidden browsing feature and can download new additions and tools, including extensions such as ad blocker and programs that help you download video and save passwords and various features that make the appearance of the new browser for you, and you can create new themes yourself to make Mozilla Firefox Firefox is a very simple and fast mobile browser that allows you to browse the Internet without any hassle and in full privacy. Firefox Mini Edition for Android and iPhone works in many languages ​​and supports all Nokia phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony phones, HTC, Ubud and Jamie  Android operating systems in general, as you can download Mozilla Firefox for free Quantum completely without paying any fees or sums of money on any OS IOS phones iPhone, iPad and iPod direct link without waiting.

 What's New in FireFox?

•  Speed ​​and Security : The new Chrome browser Quantum Chrome has been added the advantages and different features we mentioned made the browser fast and simple it is twice as fast as previous versions and 30% lighter than Chrome.
•  Powerful Engine : A powerful new all-in-one engine designed by lightning professionals that is responsive and delivers the best performance to all web users and is the number one among browsers.
•  Fast download : Mozilla Firefox is better and faster when loading pages and uses less memory to make the browser light and smooth, reduces memory usage and does not take time during playback.
•  Stunning design : The browser is designed by experts in the field of Internet browsers and Mozilla has developed advantages to browse the Internet distinctly and to reach the top of Firefox and surpass Google Chrome.
•  Go to Google Chrome : You can now change the browser Google Chrome browser Firefox as quickly as you can import all your data from Google Chrome only to run the Firefox browser.
•  Pocket : the best way to save the things you have browsed by browsing videos and articles on your different devices which you will find in the toolbar in the browser interface.
•  Library : The library contains all the things you have saved in Pocket and can also know the latest browser bar and tags and control full downloads and screen shots and enjoy a better browser maintains privacy and makes the Internet a place suitable for all.

 Why Firefox browser Quantum better web browsers?

 The new Firefox browser is one of the best Internet browsers available so far. It competes with Google Chrome, Opera, Baidu Spark, avast , cheat, maxthon and other browsers. FireFox Quantum is lightweight, fast and easy to use. Access various web pages and open more than one tab at a time and add pages to your favorite list, it does not consume many of Ramat special device and has an interface with settings and add-ons can be used when accessing the Internet and works on the path  You can play the 3D games on it because it is based on advanced programming languages ​​and works on all versions of Windows in many languages ​​that you can customize the appropriate language among them and many other features in this browser most It is fantastic which is really worth the experience.

 Features of the new Firefox Quantum browser: -

•  Speed ​​is doubled : The browser provided for the speed given by the Mozilla Firefox browser is unmatched because this browser was working day and night and provided the capabilities that help the engine to do this task is speed while browsing the pages and while loading the pages of sites, you will notice a big difference in speed Firefox and any Quantum version or other version of the browsers on the scene of this domain.
•  Stable performance : Thanks to the new development and advanced technology developed in the Firefox browser Quantum, the browser has become less consumed when compared to the browser Google Chrome is superior to it and does not consume the resources of the device and works perfectly stable performance when opening the tabs and when moving from page to page and other Site to another site and you will notice this in the social networking sites you enter.
•  It gives you freedom to browse : One of the most important features in the browser Mozilla Firefox mentioned is the hidden browsing, which scans and remove all the pages and sites you have visited automatically after you close the browser whether you are browsing from the computer or mobile so that anyone can follow your data but This feature can not be fully trusted because there can be tools that detect this property.
•  Supports most systems : Internet browser Firefox Quantum completely new works on all devices, whether the computer running Windows or Android operating system or iPhone, iPad and iPod, and you can also synchronize between all these devices to move from one device to another within Mozilla browser Firefox and Quantum retrieve your passwords and email without having to register again.
•  Attractive design : This version of Firefox design is consistent colors that impressed all users have been interested in these colors to relax people when you access the browser and there are a wide range of themes that you can download to make Mozilla Firefox best and that suits you in addition to the possibility of creating your own themes You use it on your browser as you like.
•  Virtual reality : Mozilla Firefox gives you new technologies that support virtual reality to enjoy the 360 ​​degree content and you can use the games that support the virtual reality VR as well as libraries that save you time and effort, which contains the best international and local news articles and can be used to know everything about new The world via the full Arabic browser is available in one direct link will appeal to you, God willing.

 This is a detailed review of the most important tools in the latest update of the browser " Mozilla Firefox Quantum ", and you can leave all your questions and queries in the comments below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

 Information about the new Quantum Firefox download file: -

•  Software name: Firefox Quantum .
•  Developer: Mozilla .
•  Program size: Approx. 35 MB.
•  License for use: Free of charge.
•  Current version: V 62.0.3.
•  Section: Internet browsers .

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5 New PC Software We recommend that you download it

A long time has passed since we did not review new computer programs. We published about 5 programs worth a month ago. And certainly since then to date, many new computer programs have emerged. But to be honest, most of the programs were not attractive enough, as they offer nothing new and distinctive to call them. However, we have been able to stumble upon 5 new programs we will be highlighting now, and no doubt you will need to try it on your computer and find out what it is doing. Perhaps, it may help you accomplish tasks faster or solve a complex problem while using a computer. Please note that all programs listed below are completely free. So, do not be surprised by the "Experiment is over" notification when you use it.

5 New PC Software We recommend that you download it

1: BlueStacks 4

Blue Stacks goes beyond definition, not a new program, it's the oldest and best to simulate Android on computers. But recently developers announced the fourth release of the program that comes with noticeable improvements and visible. The first thing that draws your attention in BlueStacks 4 is the new graphical interface. The interface has been updated so that it's easy and practical to find your favorite apps and links from the homepage, and there are many other formats you can apply when you're bored with the virtual interface.

In addition, the program uses the hardware resources more efficiently, it runs faster and there is a clear improvement in the level of consumption of the processor and screen crates, as you can get more number of frames per second (FPS) without sacrificing the quality of graphics. With these improvements, you will not need a computer with supernatural capabilities to use - but we've tested it on a computer with low and low capabilities and the result is that it works seamlessly with games and applications. So, if the reason why you've been using Blustak over the last period is slow, annoying, or incompatible with your computer, you'll need to give it a second chance now.


II: PrivacyHide

PrivacyHide is a program that helps you to hide any open window related to programs you specify and use a dedicated keyboard shortcut to do so quickly. Once you click the shortcut keys, the windows will be hidden without actually closing the program.  The hide here is meant to remove the open program window as well as its icon from the taskbar; no matter what you try to open new windows of this program during the "hide" will appear only after pressing the keyboard shortcut again.  The program can be used as a solution to reduce lost time at work and is certainly much better than just minimizing the open window.

While Windows 10 provides Game Mode, you can also use third-party software to enhance gaming performance such as GameMode X to get some additional resources for your games and make them work smoothly.  Simply put, the program makes some changes to the system to disable more resource-intensive applications and services such as Windows Defender, Cortana, Superfetch, and others.  The result will be reduced processor, RAM and graphics card consumption and improved computer performance while playing games that require a lot of computer resources, so there is plenty of space to run without booting.  The program interface is very simple, only contain three buttons and a list containing services that will be disabled.

Generally, before you start playing, open the program and press the ON button and continue to press the Reboot button to restart the computer and then the resources of the device will be ready to run the game at the best performance.  Then after you finish playing and want to go back to normal mode, press the OFF button and Reboot again to re-activate each application and service is disabled.  The program is very effective and you will be surprised by the unprecedented performance offered by your device of the Games after the disruption of this number of services for the system.

 [ Download ]

III: GameMode X

While Windows 10 provides Game Mode, you can also use third-party software to enhance gaming performance such as GameMode X to get some additional resources for your games and make them work smoothly. Simply put, the program makes some changes to the system to disable more resource-intensive applications and services such as Windows Defender, Cortana, Superfetch, and others. The result will be reduced processor, RAM and graphics card consumption and improved computer performance while playing games that require a lot of computer resources, so there is plenty of space to run without booting. The program interface is very simple, only contain three buttons and a list containing services that will be disabled.

Generally, before you start playing, open the program and press the ON button and continue to press the Reboot button to restart the computer and then the resources of the device will be ready to run the game at the best performance. Then after you finish playing and want to go back to normal mode, press the OFF button and Reboot again to re-activate each application and service is disabled. The program is very effective and you will be surprised by the unprecedented performance offered by your device of the Games after the disruption of this number of services for the system.

 [ Download ]

Four: Beeftext

Beeftext has a very distinctive idea that will help computer users save time in a practical way - especially those who write the same thing several times for different tasks. Through the program you can insert the words and long texts used frequently and convert them into a single word, A program that is automatically replaced with the phrase or long text you want to type.  All you need to do is click the Combos button and then click New. In the window that appears, type the phrase or text that you need to type in the Snippet field, type the keyword in the Keyword field, and then click OK.  Now when you type this word, it will be replaced quickly with the written text with a beep.  The program can save your time and save a lot of comfort.  There are things you should write over and over again while using your computer, for example: greeting and closing in your e-mail messages, addresses, or quotations that you use constantly.

 [ Download ]

V: HiBit Uninstaller

HiBit Uninstaller does not only help you remove installed programs from your computer, but it also removes and removes any remaining traces of the operating system, which ensures that you completely removed the program and deleted it from its roots as it is said.  The program is excellent and offers many important options. Its user interface is simple. It lists all the installed programs with information about them, such as the version, date of installation, and the location of the program folder on your computer.  By clicking on the right click on any program, you will find Uninstall to remove the program in the traditional way, and Force Removal to delete and remove the program completely, there is also a Delete Entries option to delete the entries of this program from the registry.  You can also search for the program on Google or open the developer's official website.  If no software installed on the device appears in the menu, you can drag and drop the program icon inside the HiBit Uninstaller window to be recognized and forced.

[ Download ]

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Download Screenshot Captor 2019 full filehippo

Program Description

Screenshot Captor 2019 is one of the best and most popular programs that take pictures of the desktop. Screen Capture includes a complete set of scanner acquisition tools and scanner image correction. The program is one of the most powerful and fastest desktop photo capture software and you can take photos of active windows on your desktop. J Desktop for Windows with a single click and you can also select any item on the desktop and you can shoot it after you want and also you can shoot a snapshot of the entire desktop

Download Screenshot Captor 2019 full filehippo

 Download Screenshot Captor 2019 full filehippo

Features of the program

* The program is free as it is easy to use as you can the program from taking screenshots of webcams or taking pictures that you like during the presentation of videos

* The ScreenShot Captor 2019 program automatically optimizes images because it has many special effects that enable it to adjust the edges and remove smart texts from images and it is easy to rename and convert the image file format captured by the program

* You can easily add attractive captions to photos and prints, you can take a full picture of your desktop or select a specific desktop item to shoot

* The program provides a lot of tools to modify the digital images that are taken to the desktop The program also includes a toolbar containing all the commands that you can use to modify, save and rename images

* The program supports drag and drop, you can adjust the colors and brightness and shadow of the pictures after the capture and you can edit the images and overwrite the images

* You can photograph web pages as well as a page from the PDF file This program will help you very much in explaining the programs and applications on your computer

Now with the download program
Software name Screenshot Captor 2019
Site Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 8.45 MB
License Demo
Version 4.29.0
Operating System XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10

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Download BleachBit 2019 clean your computer from unwanted files

BleachBit works to clean your computer from unwanted files, which saves a lot of storage space on the hard drive and speeds up the computer dramatically, the program maintains your privacy so that no one of the hackers to access information about your work, the program offers a lot of Essential features such as deleting cookies, clearing browsing history, visited websites, getting rid of obsolete files and freeing cache, supports many different operating systems such as Windows and Linux and also scans thousands The program is designed to hide the effects of files that have been deleted by other applications. The program is open source and is available to all and has a high monthly of all computer users. It also supports many languages ​​such as English and Spanish.

Download BleachBit 2019 clean your computer from unwanted files

The program is easy to use and simple interface to control the full and manage files and delete important files at high speed and space on the hard disk and the program is light and does not affect many of the processor resources, the program is characterized by constant updating and working on the rapid access to errors and work to solve and add new features, given Program notifications In the event of problems that may affect the speed of the computer or compromised the security enjoyed, the program is characterized by high speed in the search for files that are important and duplicate files and work to remove them in a short time, which provides safety and stability for you Tensioning and operating system.
Download BleachBit 2019 clean your computer from unwanted files

Bleachbit 2019 Information about Bleachbit

Software release: BleachBit 2.0
Year of issue: February
Developer: Andrew Ziem
The official website of the program
Software Size: 8.6 MB
Language of the program: Supports Arabic and English
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows 10-Windows 8.1- Windows7
Software license: FREE
BleachBit to speed up the performance of the device and save space on the hard disk 3 hours ago

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Download Skype 2019 Full offline installer Latest version

Skype is one of the most popular programs that make voice and video calls through the computer or through mobile phones that run an android system, and the program has a good reputation in making calls and communicate with your friends anywhere in the world for free and quality High quality voice and image quality, you can receive sound in good quality and image HD quality by type of Internet connection, the program allows you to search for friends anywhere in your country or another country, also allows the program to chat text and send And receive messages containing Texts and graphical fees.

Why would you prefer to use Skype

Skype is easy to use and can connect to any person around the world through free services or services that depend on the purchase of a balance of calls so that you can contact people without the need of the Internet at the future of the call.

- The program has a comprehensive and easy to use interface, where you can know the previous calls and incoming calls when not connected to the Internet when receiving the call, and allows to search the previous chat and know the status of the caller, whether busy or abroad.

- Skype allows you to create meetings and shared contacts so that you can join a large number of people to the same conversation, and communicate with you easily, and non-interference in calls and unlimited time to stop voice and video chat.

- The Skype program works on many computers and laptops and does not require great possibilities to work on the computer only needs to have Internet on the computer connected and the program works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 10 and xp and supports many Languages, including Arabic and English, and you can install the program with the Arabic interface.

Download Skype 2019 offline installer

 The new Skype program provides you with the best performance during video and chat events with echoes Skype is the latest version of the best chat software. Skype is fast in video chat and also very clean Chat with friends Skype is the latest free version There is a version of the Android version in apk format The new Skype program can download Skype easily The program is light on the device and does not cause any irritation completely and you can work on email on Skype with ease Easy steps and keep in touch with Want PHP .s. Sky B provides you with a great interface for direct recording in the Skype -site program now.

Skype is the best chat program because of the quality of the voice and video that gives us in the conversation and easy to deal with the program, which does not need to explain a lot so anyone can use Skype program to learn the basics of the program only and follow us to the new in The world of chat programs we offer the new version of Skype computer program direct link Download Skype Skype 2019 new chat.

Social networking is an important part of our daily lives, and Skype provides full integration with Facebook. With this new functionality, you will be able to conduct chat and video conferencing online with any user in your personal account or with friends from Facebook through the Skype program. This can save you time and effort

We can not forget one of its key functions, an instant messaging feature to talk to your contacts. As usual with this type of service, you can use the icons while you are in touch with one of your contacts, which is always great. There is an option to create a chat group of up to 300 different connections, so these groups can be very huge. Also the ability to send SMS messages using Skype

The main interface does not show all Skype features in fact. It only enhances key services in order to communicate with your contacts. If you check the various program lists, you will find interesting posts such as screen sharing will let you share what you have on screen at that moment in time. This is really useful for remote support or for video conferences and presentations to show your contacts.

Software Release: Skype - Final
Release Date: October
Developer: Microsoft
The official website of the program
Program size: 59.6 MB
Software license: Free

Download KMPlayer Full to Play Audio or Videos Files

KMPlayer is a great program that works to play media files, whether audio files or videos on a computer and the computer, where the program runs all the multimedia such as movies and audio clips are circulating and does not need the program when running any of the files to the codec to be able From playing codec-based videos, the program has an internal codec for playing high quality video, 3D, 4K and UHD support. The program supports extensions such as 3GP, MP4, MKV, OGM and other formats. VLC and through the interface interface Basic program can control the files and video clips settings displayed on the computer screen.

Download KMPlayer Full to Play Audio or Videos Files

Download KMPlayer Full to Play Audio or Videos Files

The program allows you to capture audio and video or capture screen images and you can save it in the format you want on the computer, the program is available free version of mobile phones and smart, a light program does not consume resources of the processor and is available in more than 24 languages, including English and other and you can With KMPlayer, automatic video rotation and 3D movie viewing are fast and efficient. The program also supports inserting or playing subtitles within the video. KMPlayer complies with various versions of Windows such as Windows Operating Requirements: All Windows versions XP, Vista, 7,8,10 A copy of the program is available for mobile phones running on Android and Android.

Information about KMPlayer software release for PC

Software version: KMPlayer
Release Date: October
Developer: KMPMedia
Official site of KMPlayer
Program size: 36.4 MB
Software license: FREE

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Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

DoPDF works to convert various documents, whether text files, pictures or presentations to PDF files, the program includes tools that facilitate the conversion of files to PDF format, the program helps to print the pages of a file by clicking the button The program interface is simple and contains all the tools necessary to use the program easily, the program can be installed as an additional feature of Microsoft Office, you can control the properties of pages that are displayed such as the possibility of specifying the size of pages such as A4 or A5 And M in width and height of the page, and others.

Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

The program does not consume much of the resources of the processor or memory when converting files to PDF, the program is suitable for beginners and professionals in the use of PDF files, the program supports many languages ​​of the world, the program is completely free for personal or commercial use, All PDF files that you receive via e-mail or social networking sites, can be installed on the 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, the program includes powerful search engines through which you can search for text or words within the PDF file.

Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

Highlights of the program:

1. Convert text files to PDF easily.
2. Print PDF file pages
3. Do not consume too much processor resources.
4. Support many languages ​​including English and others.
5. Control the page view.
6. The program is free for all purposes.
7. Supports different operating systems

Information about the doPDF version of the computer

Software Release: doPDF 9.4 Build 242
Release Date: October
Developer: Softland
The official website of the program
Program size: 60.2 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7,8- Windows10
Software license: FREE

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Download AVG 2019 clean your computer from viruses

Download AVG 2019 clean your computer from viruses
AVG Antivirus Free is one of the best antivirus programs that clean your computer from viruses, malware, trojans and spyware that threaten the security of the device, viruses damage important files and documents, which cause great harm to the user in addition to reducing the speed of the computer and to solve these problems you can use the program AVG Antivirus Free.

Download AVG 2019 clean your computer from viruses

Download AVG clean your computer from viruses
the program helps you to surf the Internet safely without fear of viruses, malware and spyware, protects you from suspicious sites and hackers and keeps your privacy from stealing your personal and bank information. The popular Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Fox, Internet Explorer and others also cleans your browser and protects you from spyware that tracks your behavior and activity over the Internet.

AVG Antivirus Free

 The program is fast detection of all threats to the computer by conducting a comprehensive scan of all parts of the computer and Windows system and flash devices and devices connected to the device via USB files and folders Once the identification of viruses, threats and infected places the program is completely removed, the program to protect the computer from possible attacks across E-mail, which is viruses, Trojans, unsafe e-mail attachments, spyware, malicious links, etc.

 The program is based on modern technology that raises the level and efficiency of the protection of the device against any anonymous threats by rapid analysis of these threats and access to a solution without the need for other protection programs The program is constantly updating automatically to be ready against any new threats unknown, From languages ​​such as English, French, German and others.

AVG Antivirus Free

Information on the release of AVG Antivirus 2019

Software release: AVG AntiVirus Free
Release Date: October 2018
Developer: AVG Technologies
The official website of the program
Program size: 257 MB 32bit version - and 244 MB version 64
Software license: FREE

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Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Telegram is one of the free programs that help you to chat and communicate with your friends. The program is very fast in communication between your friends and family and maintain privacy, the program works on a lot of devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, communicate with friends in the case if Each person has a registered account within the program or the two people in the program and you can share pictures, videos, audio and files with your friends, you can chat with one person or a group of people, the program helps you to do a lot of work because of the ease and speed Receive and receive messages and files, the program keeps your privacy and personal information private and you can hold confidential conversations.

Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Telegram Desktop

 Telegram is another social communication program that is linked to cloud, which makes it easy to access messages from any device, whether computer or tablet or mobile in addition to put a lot of documents and messages on the cloud, the program is a high reputation used by millions around the world, The program works on different operating systems such as Windows, Android, BlackBerry and others, the program is easy to use and does not consume many operating systems.
Telegram is a fast, easy-to-use social messaging application that allows you to create group chats with up to 200 people and can share up to 1GB of videos, send photos to friends, Someone you can easily access from any of your connected devices.

The software supports storage with unlimited free storage that allows you to store an unlimited number of your messages, so you can keep messages, whether pictures or text messages, a large amount of time on the program without deleting it.

The program works on many versions of Windows such as Windows Mac and Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1 and also works on the Android operating system and iPhone and it supports many languages, including Arabic and is a free program.

Information about the release of Telegram software for PC

Program Release: Telegram 1.3.10
Release Date: October
Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
The official website of the program
Software Size: 22.96 MB
Software license: FREE

Category: computer software, computer software 2019