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Mozilla Firefox Firefox 2018 Firefox is a new version faster than previous versions and modifications to the program in the new version Firefox Firefox is a fast Internet browser and has great features and also many updates were made to Firefox What was changed in the new version of Mozilla Firefox from changing the form Menus and buttons and simplify some of the task bars and more speed in the opening of heavy sites also Firefox Firefox contains lists that help to surf the Internet with all the strength and speed and simplify some of the commands used frequently during browsing, which makes the browser excellent sites of Mozilla Firefox Introduction to you for free download Firefox 2018 program.

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Firefox program designed to protect your privacy browsing and security at the same time. It is important to keep your personal information away from hackers. Fortunately, Firefox offers these advanced features to help you stay safe.

 Firefox add-ons make browsing easier. Extensions are like applications that you have installed to add features to Firefox. They allow you to compare prices, check weather, listen to music, and more. There are three general types of plugins. Plugins add new features to Firefox or modify existing ones. There that allows you to block ads, upload video files from websites, and integrate Firefox with sites like Facebook or Twitter, and even add features from other browsers.
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Firefox has always been a fast Internet browser, and now it's getting faster. It was more of a competition in terms of speed, and we had problems loading Firefox or navigating quickly from page to page. Firefox provides an Internet browsing experience from start to finish

Image showing comparing the speed of opening the program among the most famous browsers

This is a comprehensive comparison of all aspects of the fastest Internet browser

Firefox has many additional features that further improve its usability. The first feature of the spell checker ensures your spelling is correct. Another important feature is its automatic restoration. When you reopen Firefox, you can capture where you left it, even if you close the browser unexpectedly

Firefox is the fastest Internet browser allows you to quickly browse websites, the program developed by Mozilla, which won the throne of browsers and won first place in the world in terms of number of users of Firefox, Mozilla Firefox provides you with many solutions for fast and secure browsing of websites, You can open more than one tab in one page without affecting the performance of the device. The browser also gives you a list of favorite sites and indexing of the sites you have visited. It also allows you to view the site's suras and browse the code
تحميل برنامج فايرفوكس 2016 الاصدار الجديد Download Mozilla Firefox
One of the favorite features is the great speed it has in surfing the Internet and it does not know the sudden landslides never, and if an error occurs and re-activated it will pop up all the pages that you were browsing because it has a memory store the last link you browsed before the collapse and this is the feature that I like You can also open multiple pages in one page, making it easier for you to browse the sites

Download Firefox , the latest version you can access the Internet sites with all speed and ease, as it is the other advantages are add-ons where it contains more than 100 thousand addition to facilitate the process of browsing. Download now Firefox Fast Browser.

Mozilla Firefox is a fast and full-featured web browser. Firefox includes blocking the display of pop-ups, browsing tab, Mozilla Firefox browser is integrated Google search, Firefox simplify the controls privacy control, simplified browser window that displays you more than one page from any other browser, add many additional features that work with you to help you get On the maximum of your online time

تحميل برنامج فايرفوكس 2013 احدث اصدار download mozilla firefox.

FireFox is one of the programs that gives you safe navigation on the Internet Firefox also gives you many extensions that provide you with different services, the program allows you to change the appearance of the browser according to your desktop style, now you can download the fastest browser in the world Firefox and join millions of Users and fans of Firefox, get your free version of Firefox browser and enjoy browsing your favorite websites.

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Firefox 2018 is available on most platforms of any browser: Linux and Mac, as well as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, even Internet Explorer . Like Google Chrome, if you're already a Firefox user, all you have to do is restart your browser to get the new version. You can import bookmarks from any other browsers installed on the first run, and setup is as easy as Google Chrome. Firefox makes it easy to choose which search engine you want, Free Download Firefox

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