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Best Internet Speed Test sites online 2019

Measuring the speed of the net, many Internet users are looking for suitable ways to measure the speed of the net, in order to ensure the speed of the Internet contracted by the Internet service providers in addition to know that there is no problem in the line responsible for the delivery of Internet service, This was a problem with your computer or phone, which then caused the Internet to be disconnected from them, so we will now offer you a range of special ways and sites for Internet speed detection with ease for free now.

Best Internet Speed Test sites online 2019

Best Internet Speed Test sites online 2019

You can measure internet speed now by accessing these sites for free

First: Using TESTMY.NET

This site is one of the best sites to help you measure the speed of the Internet easily, as many people prefer to use it due to its many advantages of ease of use, all you have to do is to enter the site and click on the word Test My Internet where the site works Then on your conversion to the Internet speed measurement page.
After completing the measurement process the net will show you all the results without any fatigue or trouble, as shown in the following picture.


The SPEEDTEST.NET site is one of the most famous and used in measuring the speed of the net as it features many of the wonderful features of all users of the wide Internet, in addition to it gives you accurate results and very accurate, all you have to do is only access to the site by pressing on The word "begin test" and then the site measures the speed of the Internet in a few seconds only with the full result of the speed of communication for the Internet, as shown in the picture.

Third: Use the SPEEDOF.ME

Did you know that SPEEDOF.ME is one of the most accurate Internet speed measurement sites around the world, with about 45 servers, so it can measure the speed of the internet in the shortest time possible, very quickly and easily no matter where you live or where it is located, With a high accuracy in measurement and integrated performance, all you have to do is click on the word "start test" and wait for a few seconds until the measurement process with the full results accurately and quickly, and also has the ability to know the speed of special download Photos, videos and other things loaded Via the Internet.

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