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Download Avant Browser fast browser with huge features

About Avant Browser 2019 Arabic Version: -

Avant Browser is a powerful and fast browser with huge features offers the user all what is looking for in any giant browser, and even Avant ability to do some of the tasks that are not available even in the most popular browsers and popular it can download video files and YouTube without the need for an assistant program such as Internet Download Manager as it does with Google Chrome or Mozilla or Opera and other browsers that can provide you with this feature.

 The interface of the program is easy and simple and it is a bit old and does not reflect a professional design is not suitable for a great browser, and this is to ensure that the developer of the browser to provide ease and flexibility in use so that the user does not feel something difficult and distinctive solutions designed professionally.

 The browser Avant high-speed browser does its work and various tasks quickly When you browse any site or visit any page on the Internet will feel very easy to browse very quickly because the browser is a fast and light browser does not consume much of your computer resources and does not click on his memory so you will not find Slow in browser operation with repeated use.

 Avant Browser is associated with an old browser known to everyone is Internet Explorer browser can not operate the browser Avant without the presence of Internet Explorer on your computer is linked to it, but can also use the favorite of Internet Explorer as a favorite of Avant at the same time It is distinctive to find in the browser can block pop-up ads For some pages and windows, this causes a lot of inconvenience to users.

Download Avant Browser fast browser with huge features

Download Avant Browser fast browser with huge features

Features of Avant Browser Browser 2019 for PC :

Avant Browser has many great features and no one understands Avant's association with Internet Explorer as an old browser. On the contrary, it is just a link to some data. The Avant browser is from Internet Explorer, but otherwise Avant is very modern and very efficient. But it has many advantages that are not available in other browsers known as power, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla, which is the most famous browsers and the strongest but Avant has the advantages that make it stand in the competition and even surpasses them in some of the points and the most important features of the browser Avant is:

Download the various media files
: This point has been added recently to some modern browsers such as Torres Browser and Baidu Brauser and is the browser Avant has been a major problem in the old browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome, the inability of these giant browsers to download the media files alone and there must be a downloadable with it But now with those modern browsers that have been accompanied by new tools and distinct from the existence of some other programs on the device and can do many tasks alone these tasks is the ability of the browser to download the media files, including YouTube files that can not  Uploaded a powerful program like Internet Download Manager .

A free version is available : a premium browser like Avant has a free version available to users with a paid subscription that can be purchased and a browser developer can only support and update those paid copies.
The browser is fast : Downloading the free Avant Browser is a quick browser that does its work fast and does not slow down much as it does with other browsers and any user can experience the browsing through Avant and judge himself on his speed.

Block pop-up ads : When you visit some different pages or sites, you may be surprised by the appearance of some ads that cause you the inconvenience of Avant's browser to block those ads and prevent the inconvenience these ads cause you.

Open several new windows quickly : Avant Browser users can open a new window faster than other browsers. Just grab the link and drop it in an empty location and the window will open on its own.

Fast download : In addition to the ability of the browser to download the files of different media has another feature in this aspect of the download process is fast and this provides more time and effort because the browser is loading files in a different way, which splits the files to be downloaded to parts and this speeds up the download process .

Do not consume too much of the device's resources : A huge advantage of the browser is that it does not affect the memory of the device and does not leave much of the troublesome files that press the RAM, so it does not consume much of the resources of the device and will not notice the user's slow operation of the browser or device in general With frequent use of the browser because it does not consume the resources of the device.

Browsing in hidden mode : Avanta Browser users can maintain their privacy significantly because the program offers the Safe Browsing feature which is hidden so that no one will recognize you and can not track your private browsing history and identity, which ensures greater privacy for your users.

Software name: "Avant Browser".
Developed company: Avant Force .
Software Size: 5 MB.
License: Fully Free.
Version number: 2019.
Compatible systems: Windows.
Category: Computer Software , Browsers .
Software Interface: Many languages.

Category: computer software, computer software 2019

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