Download AVS Registry Cleaner 2019 clean and repair Windows registry

AVS Registry Cleaner is one of the best programs that clean and repair Windows registry files. It is a program that works on an integrated scan on all files of the registry to access the unwanted items as well as delete them in addition to the possibility of repairing the items can be repaired and the program to delete the cache for browsing the Internet, which increases the speed of surfing the Web as it is Check different registry categories such as uninitialized entries, shared DLL, COM / ActiveX or file extensions, delete temporary Internet files, corrupted applications, etc. as trash in the Recycle Bin

 Download AVS Registry Cleaner 2019 clean and repair Windows registry

Download AVS Registry Cleaner 2019 clean and repair Windows registry

The program helps you to backup the files of Registeri in several seconds, which saves a lot of time and safety without facing any problems or difficulties

 * AVS Registry Cleaner 2019 allows you to adjust the settings of the program by automatically scanning the files of the registry with the appropriate time for scanning.

 * The program is compatible with all computer programs such as Office, Graphic and Anti Virus also supports the program in many languages ​​of the world such as English, French and Japanese. Once installed the program will feel high speed and safety

* The program removes malicious programs which may encounter difficulties through it and unwanted files from the device and temporary Internet files and also incomplete programs so as not to harm the computer

* AVS Registry Cleaner detects and corrects Registry problems quickly and easily

* The program increases the efficiency of the computer and increases the speed of surfing the Internet without affecting the resources of the processor may require more time when analyzing and deleting temporary Internet files

* The program works to fix system errors and speed up the performance of the work of the processor and the system and also make a backup of the files that have been fixed and all with the scheduling feature scanning and delete unwanted files

 Now with the download program
Software name AVS Registry Cleaner 2019
Site Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 8.06 MB
License Demo
Version 4.1.1

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