Download the best VPN tool for Google Chrome protect all your online activity

Download the best and most powerful VPN tool for the Internet browser Google Chrome to surf the web in a hidden and secure way to enhance the protection of personal data while surfing the Internet and provide maximum protection from piracy and full access to all prohibited resources of the network and change the IP address and protect all your activity online through encryption using any network - Add iNinja latest version with direct download link

Download the best VPN tool for Google Chrome 

INinja is a VPN add-on for the popular Google Chrome browser that allows you to choose from a number of free proxy servers that provide a reliable connection to secure and anonymous Internet access. The iNinja add-on feature is specifically designed to provide reliable protection for users while they browse the network And invisible access to the Internet. No one can track you or access your personal data. With iNinja, you can now easily access anywhere with Chrome's fast and free VPN server.

Use iNinja browser add-on and VPN provider for free Google Chrome browser for secure Internet browsing iNinja is used as a browser add-on and does not have an interface like the other specialized VPN programs and a small system tray icon is already installed on your computer and you just click it to install it initially as an add-on for Google Chrome Google Chrome then use it as an On / Of.

 the iNinja browser tool lets you choose from free proxy servers in different countries already integrated and take off wherever you want without worrying about the bandwidth you're using or your IP address a And data that is determined by third parties and you know that it is better to choose the server closest to your site but adding VPN to Google browser enables you to bypass the firewalls and protect all your activity using encryption using any network.

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The addition of VPN to Google Chrome iNinja provides easy access to banned or censored sites as many countries block access to certain sites because they are considered harmful or inappropriate. If you live in such countries and want to access websites, iNinja provides you with safe means To access it just select one of the servers and turn it on to change your IP address to one of that country.

 Therefore, you can open these sites now because your IP address is no longer recognized.
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Why should you use VPN for your Google Chrome browser?

Download the best VPN tool for Google Chrome protect all your activity online

There are many reasons to use free proxy servers:

When you're on a public Wi-Fi network.
When working remotely to access company services.
When traveling to access sites that are banned locally or controlled.
Any time you want to protect against third-party tracking.

Quick Install and Setup: Just download iNinja from the download link at the bottom of the article and then install and click "Add to Chrome" and all you need is to click on the system tray icon and select from the free proxy servers in the list of countries to change your IP address immediately and you can travel Anywhere knowing that your connection is secure. An add-on that integrates itself into Google Chrome and provides a list of proxy servers that can be used to unblock blocked sites.
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Add Google Browser iNinja is the best and most powerful VPN tool that gives you maximum protection from hacking and after adding it as an add-on to Chrome you will have a choice of free built-in proxy servers and you can add any customization area using the whitelist in Proxy Settings and you will be able to rely on safe navigation And protect all browser activities without installing the program simply by adding the iNinja extension. Best of all, you'll find the fastest VPN available.

When you use iNinja for Chrome, you will have full access to all the blocked resources of the network: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others wherever you are. Simply connect to one of the many free virtual places and get advanced access to sites

Free version number: Ininja 1.0
Compatible with: Windows XP | Vista 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 1 MB
Updated: 7/1/2019

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