Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

DoPDF works to convert various documents, whether text files, pictures or presentations to PDF files, the program includes tools that facilitate the conversion of files to PDF format, the program helps to print the pages of a file by clicking the button The program interface is simple and contains all the tools necessary to use the program easily, the program can be installed as an additional feature of Microsoft Office, you can control the properties of pages that are displayed such as the possibility of specifying the size of pages such as A4 or A5 And M in width and height of the page, and others.

Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

The program does not consume much of the resources of the processor or memory when converting files to PDF, the program is suitable for beginners and professionals in the use of PDF files, the program supports many languages ​​of the world, the program is completely free for personal or commercial use, All PDF files that you receive via e-mail or social networking sites, can be installed on the 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, the program includes powerful search engines through which you can search for text or words within the PDF file.

Download DoPDF convert documents to PDF format

Highlights of the program:

1. Convert text files to PDF easily.
2. Print PDF file pages
3. Do not consume too much processor resources.
4. Support many languages ​​including English and others.
5. Control the page view.
6. The program is free for all purposes.
7. Supports different operating systems

Information about the doPDF version of the computer

Software Release: doPDF 9.4 Build 242
Release Date: October
Developer: Softland
The official website of the program
Program size: 60.2 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7,8- Windows10
Software license: FREE

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