Download Foxit PhantomPDF 2019 to edit PDF files

Program Description

Foxit PhantomPDF 2019 is a free tool that you can use to edit PDF files just like you use Acrobat. The program is easy to use and has a very attractive and attractive interface. The program has many different features than any other program. The program is very similar to Acrobat. It contains the same structure for menus, toolbars and icons, except that the Foxit PhantomPDF is much simpler. The program is lightweight and allows users to use this tool to access all the basic functions you can imagine from a program of this kind and can The program adds notes and comments as well as retouching or moving text easily. All this with the attachment of multimedia files and document encryption where you can freely modify each side to get great results and it is an ideal tool for managing PDF files. The program provides many templates ready to help you in many of the Various uses The program also provides PDF file sharing, especially official files and documents, where you can add your signature to PDF documents electronically and protect it by putting a password on it

Download Foxit PhantomPDF 2019 to edit PDF files

 Download Foxit PhantomPDF 2019 to edit PDF files

_ Foxit Phantom PDF 2018 is one of the most powerful programs that open and edit PDF pages where you can start to format the pages of the PDF by placing the addresses of the pages as well as control the type and size of the font and the program has many features that make it the highest results among popular PDF programs You can also convert PDF pages or some of them to text easily, you can through the program to include a lot of PDF files in one file and control the format of the new file with the support of the feature of drag and add the program runs on many devices such as computer, And smart phones You can also protect the intellectual property in your PDF files by protecting it with a watermark or setting a strong password. You can also create a large file Portfolio, which contains many documents and PDF files containing similar topics, to arrange and save them in one accessible place

Features of the program

* The program is distinguished from other PDF programs in the ease of editing the text within the PDF file when you put some sentences in a paragraph in the file is the text format automatically and you can add links or contacts on some words within the page PDF

* The program supports the operation of PDF files from ISO files and knowledge of the details of files from the date of issuance and protection and other programs also supports integration with net files and open files Net and the possibility of modifications and decryption of files and support the development of PDF files created from Firefox

* You can program the editing of images within a PDF file with the possibility of converting texts into images

* The program can add various wallpapers to your PDF file to fit with your uses as you wish

* The program can put pictures and videos in the PDF file to make it more wonderful and better in the file display mode with the support of the compression of large files to small files, reducing the file storage space on the computer and increase the speed of file sharing with your friends across different sites

* The program can convert Word, PowerPoint and Excel files to PDF files and vice versa. You can shade the words in the PDF file using different colors and write comments and notes on them, which makes it easier to understand PDF file

* The program provides a search tool helps to quickly and easily access to the words and sentences that you are looking for, and you can delete some pages of the file or the blocking of some of the sentences and the inclusion by shading in a black line

* You can easily print the PDF file or select some pages from it and print it

 Now with the download program
Software name Foxit PhantomPDF 2019
Site Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 212 MB
License Demo
Version 9.1.0 Build 5096
Operating System All versions of Windows

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