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Download Google Chrome Canary the fastest Internet browser ever

Now you can find all the web browsers fast links directly for free and offer you today the latest browser from Google Chrome "Google Canary new" in its latest version

You can now through this page on the site of the island of imagination Download Google Chrome browser last version and experience the latest updates before all users of Google Chrome normal browser, where Google developed a new version of the fast browser Google Chrome Blue version of a version called "Chrome Canary" with the logo Yellow and Chrome Canary is a frequently updated beta version of Google's main browser, which gets the latest changes before any other version.

Download Google Chrome Canary the fastest Internet browser ever

Chrome Canary is undoubtedly the best Internet browser is one of the fast and free and popular browsers among the users of the Internet, where the fast browser Google Chrome Canary fast speed surfing the Internet with many advantages that make it worthy of the most powerful Arab browser fast computer and laptop, you can Get the latest version of the new Kokl Chrome browser link directly below on the site of the island of imagination.

Download Google Chrome Canary the fastest Internet browser ever

You can install Canary to run along with the standard version of Chrome, so you do not have to choose between them.You can easily turn on Canary for general browsing, and switch to Chrome when you need to perform important tasks, such as online banking,

Google Canary is a trial browser that is constantly updated to try new features before launching it in the regular version of Google Chrome browser, Google Canary gets the latest changes before any other version.

What is the reason for naming Google for this browser "Canary":

In the past, the coal miners took the Canary birds with them because they were very sensitive species. If these birds felt the presence of lethal gas or oxygen, they would die quickly and this would be a warning to the workers to leave the mine.This is why Google uses this browser to experiment with new features and changes if errors or errors stop immediately. Google Chrome Canary is a good browser Try it now

Download the latest version of 2019 for PC and laptop
Browser name: Google Chrome Canary
Version: 72
Software license: - Free
Program Compatibility: - Windows 7 and above
To download the program: Click here

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