Download PureVPN that offers the largest and most secure VPN services

PureVPN is a VPN service provider that offers the largest and most secure VPN services, an application that protects you online with secure, 256-bit secure VPN servers. PureVPN provides security features to protect your identity, data and freedom on the Internet and is an advanced, PureVPN allows you to select the protocol of your choice or you can trust PureVPN to use the servers deployed in about 141 countries. The PureVPN program allows you to switch to any server you want.

It is a program specifically designed to secure and protect your identity while surfing the Internet by blocking your Internet traffic. What this means is that hackers and cybercriminals will not be a nuisance with the best and most powerful VPN programs to hide identity and secure Internet connection, but that is not all. PureVPN is available for computers and works on Windows, Android, Mac, ios and any other network, including Wi-Fi. It is an important and effective software to open blocked websites and change the ip device to protect privacy and secure it while connected to the Internet.

Download PureVPN that offers the largest and most secure VPN services

Download PureVPN that offers the largest and most secure VPN services

PureVPN encrypts any traffic sent and received by a user via PureVPN. The encryption capabilities of this program are the most recent and it is simply impossible to access the program's encryption algorithm. PureVPN also provides 256-bit AES encryption which can not be To be cracked by computers and supercomputers, which strengthens his position regarding the protection of any and all users in addition to its traffic.

Main Features of PureVPN Privacy Protection:

AntiVirus: PureVPN stops and blocks threats before they reach your computer by detecting malicious patterns and icons at the server level.
Ad Blocker: The smart algorithms of the PureVPN application are good at knowing the difference between content and advertising and even better in preventing those ads.
IDS / IPS systems: The system detects and prevents intrusion detection and imposes a similar type of barbed wire around all your data and devices.
Web filtering: pre-loaded lists of blacklisted and whitelisted URLs to keep you up to date on rogue websites.
Blocker: You can create and manage a list of apps that do not agree to block anyone on your network from using these applications.
Unmatched privacy and security: Nothing can be compared to the unmatched privacy and security provided by PureVPN.
Store-free flow: Highly optimized servers provide instant download and streaming without buffering.
With no geographical restrictions: PureVPN can detect all geographical restrictions and access all content from all over the world.
Secure file sharing: Encrypt all your data and send it through secure tunnels making it impossible to track.
Dedicated connection with each mode: Get a personalized experience and connect with each situation.
Ease of use: The modes are designed to provide you with a better level of use that suits everyone.
Connect to the most available servers: The Ping test helps the user identify the fastest and best server that is suitable for their needs.
Peer-to-peer file sharing: PureVPN enables you to share files with colleagues anywhere at any time with file sharing mode in PureVPN.
Automatic and manual protocol selection: You can select the protocol of your choice or leave PureVPN for automatic connection.
Choose from hundreds of servers in 141+ countries: Choose your location from 141 countries in just a few clicks and easily and quickly.
Free Version No: PureVPN 6.2.4
Compatible with: Windows Vista | 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 29 MB
Updated: 6/1/2019

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