Download Secure File Deleter 2019 fast removal of files and folders

Program Description

The Secure File Deleter 2019 program, which automatically removes files from your computer in an easy and efficient way. The program has a simple interface.
Secure File Deleter is one of the best and best programs to delete files, documents and images from computers and laptops where the program works to delete files And the folders from the computer as the program is very light and simple as the program is easy to use and helps you to safely get rid of all the files you do not need as the program maintains your privacy through the disposal of your files and sensitive information in a final and does not stop As anyone can access it again and the program enables you to delete files on many storage devices such as hard disk or flash, or storage cameras or memory card or memory smart phones and others.

Download Secure File Deleter 2019 fast removal of files and folders

Download Secure File Deleter 2019 fast removal of files and folders

Features of the program

* Secure File Deleter 2019 features fast removal of files and folders where you can delete many files in a very short time

* The program contains smart and powerful techniques to prevent the recovery of files using any other program where the program writes random numbers on the files to be deleted so hackers or hackers can not access it again

* You can through the program control the settings of the program to change the ratio of deleted files, for example you can determine the proportion of deletion of 25% of the files in a particular folder

* The program maintains the quality and security of the hard drive when deleting files or folders, the program is light and does not consume much of the processor resources

* Secure File Deleter 2019 provides a large storage space on the hard drive, which increases the speed and efficiency of the computer and keep space free for easy installation of various programs is a distinct program to delete files permanently and safely from the device

 * The program helps you safely remove files from your computer and prevent others from accessing them in one of these applications

* The program has a simple interface as the program is lightweight as it helps you to protect the security of your computer by allowing you to remove any unwanted documents

* The program has a simple interface that comes with a narrow user interface that integrates direct controls making it easy to reach a wide range of users

* A program that removes files and prevents other programs from recovering deleted content and advised caution, especially for the beginning of the computer

* Allows you to configure many before removing the content in addition to that you can access the list of advanced settings that allow you to configure certain parameters such as choosing your favorite algorithm and specifying the number of overwrites or emptying the file content

* The program will save and continue with deleting files from your computer and the program will delete individual items or complete folders for files

* Secure File Deleter 2019 This application allows you to remove each file individually or upload a complete file file, which gives you much control over the process when loading the whole folder

* The program automatically includes any existing subfolders to finish and allows you to safely remove files from your computer in an easy and efficient way

Now with the download program
Software name Secure File Deleter 2019
Site Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 1.9 MB
Free license
Version 6.02
Windows 8.1 - Windows7,8,10

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