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Download SHAREit for PC and Android Windows 7/8/10

About SHAREit: -

Shareit is a free program or application launched by Lenovo, where it transfers all types of files such as images, videos, games or files. Audio and other files between devices and some of them, SharePoint is one of the best and powerful applications in the transfer of files from one device to another quickly and is also available to most popular operating systems such as Windows and Android and iPhone.

SHAREit Supports all types of formats and files that you can share between friends on mobile phones or computers, after downloading SharePoint you can send or receive files of all kinds and high speed with friends without the need to use traditional methods such as Bluetooth, which significantly slow the transferAnd the sharing of files from one device to another and sometimes fail the transfer or participation, in the following lines we will talk about the program in detail to clarify all large and small in addition to the way to deal with the program Stay with us.

Download SHAREit for PC and Android Windows 7/8/10

 Download SHAREit for PC and Android Windows 7/8/10

After the great success that SharePoint has achieved, the team has developed new versions of the program to operate on different operating systems. The program uses a technique called WiFi Direct, which facilitates the transfer of files instead of the use of wires or cables. It also features fast data transfer and reception Speed ​​up to 54 MB per second and thus you can transfer data and large files in a short time and of course the program is unique to this feature other than the other programs, the program allows you to transfer data and files of various kinds, for example you can send a And receive images or video files or music or games or all kinds of files that can be shared from your computer to all other devices and vice versa, but requires the existence of a program Sherat on the other devices certainly.

What operating systems does SHAREit support to share files: -

Since the start of the program Shiraat is available only one copy is capable of operating on the operating system Andrews smart phones and with the spread of the large program has become available to work on many different systems and, in fact, it is already available to all operating systems in order to get a large number of users of systems Operating around the world Here are the available versions of Sharepoint File Sharing.

SHAREit For PC: If you are a Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Windows PC user, SharePoint is fully compatible with these versions. Without any problems, this version of Microsoft's various versions are fast and small in size and are completely free from any problems you may encounter, as well as it does not consume the resources of the device at all, SharePoint computer has a simple user interface easy to use and do not need experience to deal with.

SHAREit For Mobail: SharePoint is available as a basic version of Android mobile phones such as Samsung phones of all kinds and Nokia phones running Windows Phone. A version of the IOS operating system, such as the iPhone and iPad, is also available. The most effective application for sharing files, images and applications between devices, some of them very quickly and easily. The SHAREit application is available for download on various electronic stores such as Google Play, MoboGeni Market, Mobo Market, iTunes, and many other electronic stores for free without paying any docking. Financial.

Functions and features provided by SHAREit 2018:

Application Manager: SharePointAtt is an application manager that enables you to delete and remove unwanted applications on your mobile phone. The tool enables you to delete an APK package from any applications installed on your phone and its installation file has not been deleted. A tab that includes all applications already installed on your mobile phone to delete apps you want to remove from your phone.

Cleaning the phone: One of the wonderful additions to the program ShareT is CLEANit tool, which enables the tool to delete temporary files and thumbnails and damaged file residues of applications that have been removed from the phone to make the Android system faster and safer, the tool contains a set of powerful functions that work To secure and accelerate your phone in an efficient and secure manner.
System Support: The software is available on several versions that are suitable for operating platforms such as Android OS, iPhone, Windows and Windows Phone, and the developer aims to provide other versions are valid for work on the other operating platforms not available from the program at the moment as the company aims To make the program more efficient.

Speed ​​of transfer: The program enjoys high speed in sending and receiving files to and from different devices. It is a powerful and effective alternative to Bluetooth technology. The program can transfer all types of files in different sizes such as games, programs, videos and large size images, which may sometimes exceed the size of gigabyte Short.

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