Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Telegram is one of the free programs that help you to chat and communicate with your friends. The program is very fast in communication between your friends and family and maintain privacy, the program works on a lot of devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, communicate with friends in the case if Each person has a registered account within the program or the two people in the program and you can share pictures, videos, audio and files with your friends, you can chat with one person or a group of people, the program helps you to do a lot of work because of the ease and speed Receive and receive messages and files, the program keeps your privacy and personal information private and you can hold confidential conversations.

Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Download Telegram Desktop Direct Link For PC

Telegram Desktop

 Telegram is another social communication program that is linked to cloud, which makes it easy to access messages from any device, whether computer or tablet or mobile in addition to put a lot of documents and messages on the cloud, the program is a high reputation used by millions around the world, The program works on different operating systems such as Windows, Android, BlackBerry and others, the program is easy to use and does not consume many operating systems.
Telegram is a fast, easy-to-use social messaging application that allows you to create group chats with up to 200 people and can share up to 1GB of videos, send photos to friends, Someone you can easily access from any of your connected devices.

The software supports storage with unlimited free storage that allows you to store an unlimited number of your messages, so you can keep messages, whether pictures or text messages, a large amount of time on the program without deleting it.

The program works on many versions of Windows such as Windows Mac and Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1 and also works on the Android operating system and iPhone and it supports many languages, including Arabic and is a free program.

Information about the release of Telegram software for PC

Program Release: Telegram 1.3.10
Release Date: October
Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
The official website of the program
Software Size: 22.96 MB
Software license: FREE

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