Download WinSnap 2019 The best free screen recorder

WinSnap 2019 is one of the best programs specialized in photographing the computer screen and desktop and the work of a screen shot with the highest accuracy and clarity as the program does the work of photographing computer windows and photographing certain parts of the screen in the program provides you with the possibility to modify the images clearly and that were taken and add effects as you can The program is cut, integrated and written on images and the addition of tires, the program in short used to contain many of the different features of multiple images to capture from the screen and desktop and the work of the hacker Shot and photographing the computer screen Video and support the imaging of parts and specific N Screen the device and use the various tools within the program to make the necessary adjustments and effects on the images you have taken to look beautiful images and the highest quality and also saved on your computer using multiple image 
formats including PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and JPG and other images for easy to send by mail E-mail

Download WinSnap 2019 The best free screen recorder

Download WinSnap The best free screen recorder

Features of the program

* Through the program can control the quality of images taken, which helps you to make explanations easily without facing any difficulties

* The program can capture any screen that appears on your computer as easily as you can from taking pictures of screens

* The program allows you to choose any screen shot you wish to be done by the entire screen and a rectangular area as well as a full web page ect

* The program includes a built-in image rate and allows you to modify your screens without resorting to a third-party program also has the program to rotate, cut and merge many images and choose the size of images that you save on the device

* WinSnap 2019 includes shortcuts that simplify your tasks and will enable you to take pictures of the screens with the click of a button and you will have the ability to modify them

 * The program is used for the owners of sites to work out the distinctive explanations of programs and applications by photographing the computer screen video or illustrated explanations, which supports the feature of cutting images and integrating them with many images and the use of distinctive tires in the program

* The program contains the possibility of writing texts and changing colors and images rotate and choose the type and size of lines on images as well as support the use of watermarks on images to preserve intellectual property

* WinSnap 2019 is small and does not consume a lot of system resources and fast and has a simple and distinct interface and supports the possibility of uploading images that you edited and modified online and has the feature of shooting a certain part of the screen

* The program to modify the images of the tools in the program and the use of backgrounds and frames and typing on images as well as save images in popular image formats PNG and GIF and others and the possibility of e-mail to friends

How to run the program

All you need is to install the program will show you the icon of the program on the desktop Drag them and put them in the bottom bar of the computer and if you want to photograph anything open and click on the program icon will be pictured If you want to shoot a certain part of the screen Click on it all right and choose the method Photography

Now with the download program
The name of the program is WinSnap 2019
Site Publisher for the program
The size of the program is 3.54 MB
License Demo
Version 4.6.4
Operating System All versions of Windows

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