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Download ZipGenius 2019 To compressing files

ZipGenius is one of the best programs specialized in the decoding and compressing files and has a global reputation, which is used by millions of people around the world, the program is characterized by high speed in decompressing files and make the process of compression and decompression of compressed files easy and simple, dealing with the program is very simple it provides many useful tips during Using it supports drag and drop function and is suitable for all computer users, both professional and novice. The program maintains your privacy. It uses powerful encryption algorithms that help you save compressed files with strong passwords that no one can access. C to handle more than 20 types of compressed file formats and also allows you to browse the files of ISO images and on CDs and DVDs, the program is completely free, you can download without fees or subscriptions and does not contain the program on the ads inside the application and the security is free of spyware, viruses and horses Trojan to speed up the process of compressing files.

Download ZipGenius 2019 To compressing files

Download ZipGenius 2019 To compressing files
The compressed files help you to reduce the size of files, saving large storage space on the hard drive and helps increase the speed of the computer and transfer files over the Internet at high speed, the program is light and does not consume much of the resources of the processor and does not lead to the congratulations of the computer, the program supports many computer operating systems such as Windows 7, 10 and 8, the program interface is simple and includes all the important information about compression files such as file size before and after compression and place files is an important program and necessary in the decryption of compressed and encrypted files and the possibility of compressing large files to reduce the space on the hard disk And speed up sending files via e-mail.
The program deals with many compressed file formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, CAB, ARJ, ARC and other compression file formats.

Information on ZipGenius 2019

Software version: ZipGenius
Date of issue: May 2016
Developer: WinInizio.it Software
The official website of the program
Program size: 9.10 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages
Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7-8-10
Software license: FreeWare

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