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Challenge anyone who finds your hidden photos with your phone after using this great app

There are a lot of apps to hide images and videos that can be used on smart phones and over many previous articles my friends have provided you with many and many of these wonderful applications which are always characterized by security and protection and I have recently stopped providing more applications because of the lack of new I also thought that the applications I provided would be enough to get to know the new image masking application, which is considered by me to be one of the best image-hiding apps that has recently appeared. It will help you protect your images  Very smart and magnificence which did I see before in any other application.

Challenge anyone who finds your hidden photos with your phone after using this great app

Explain and download the application Hide the new images Calculator for Android and for iPhone

 As my friends know, most applications use Patren's image and video protection system via Patren, pin code, or fingerprint if the phone has a fingerprint scanner. This is one of the most powerful protection systems in existence now, but with the application of the image concealment, The images are based on the idea of ​​the application and the secret code that you will specify, without going into many details. The application is in the form of a calculator. All you have to do is create a secret number and insert it into the calculator and you will be immediately transferred to your safe. a  Your own.

How to Use the Application to Hide Calculator Images:

Dear reader, download the application from the link at the end of the article and then open it on your phone to show you the main application screen, which shows how to record your PIN.

Download Application Hide Photos

After that, dear reader, you can exit the application and then re-enter it to enter your password and then click on the sign (%) to enter the stored images and the application can do the calculations without any problems so no one expects this application to protect your photos.

Application Hide wonderful photos

 And you can add your photos and videos to the application easily by entering it and then pressing the + sign above and you will be able to keep your photos easily.

Download the Hide Photos app

 In the end, I wish my friends that this application will enjoy your admiration and encounter in another article the creation of God.

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download from android 
download from iphone

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