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Download CCleaner 2019 full free

CCleaner program is a giant software indispensable to any computer, which includes many tasks that accelerate the computer and increase efficiency and provide a large area of ​​storage on the hard drive by eliminating unnecessary files and folders that duplicate and adversely affect the performance of the device, the program has a lot of Features that make it at the forefront of programs to improve the performance of the computer, such as ease of use, where with the click of a button to get rid of unwanted files and increase the speed of the device, the program is free for personal use and is available to all and has users all over the world in addition to providing  Copy a batch for commercial purposes and companies to clean the device from unwanted programs and speed up performance.

  Supports a lot of operating systems such as Windows, in addition to the compatibility of the Android system, which you can download from the store Google Play to work on the devices and various smart phones such as Samsung and Samsung Expressia and others, the program has a powerful scanner works on the speed of access to duplicate files and files and unwanted files Damaged and immediately deleted, which affects the speed and efficiency of the computer and provides a large storage space on the hard disk, you can scan the unnecessary files manually by pressing the scan button and you can schedule the survey by the times  T be determined by either a daily or weekly or monthly so always make your computer at a distinct level of speed and performance.

Download CCleaner 2019 full free

The program provides a wonderful feature, the possibility of searching for duplicate files automatically by the search engine within the program or identify the names of unnecessary files that you want to get rid of the program in high speed to access and disposal in a short time, after the search for duplicate files or important The program provides a detailed table of all the files from images, videos and sounds that consume memory on the hard disk, the program helps you get rid of the programs installed on the computer in a final without leaving any roots of the programs deleted, the program clean and get rid of all files  JH surf the internet , such as cookies, history , and record storage sites that have been visited, keeping the program on your privacy by scanning all sites and e - mail passwords is not one of the hackers can access to sites that have been visited

  Key features of C Cleaner:
 1. High speed of scanning and detection of duplicate files and easy to delete from the device and save space on the hard disk.

 2. Create a list of files that you prefer to delete and specify their places on the computer and work with all different browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others.

 3. Repair the registry errors which helps you increase the speed of the computer and improve its performance significantly and maintain the stability of the operating system.

 4. The possibility of deleting previously recorded passwords in the sites and forgetting them over time, thus maintaining your privacy completely.

 5. Display a list of files and folders that contain errors and shows an icon to correct the dangers in the files and another icon for automatic correction of errors.

 6. The possibility of displaying all the programs installed on the computer and easy to delete programs from their roots and leaves no impact and support the display of all files and folders on the computer in their locations and size, which helps you to know large files and documents that take large storage space, making it easy to delete unnecessary large files For you .

The program offers a great feature that maintains a great percentage of security, which is the possibility of retrieving the system point, which you can use in the case of problems in the Windows system, which loses us files and important data, the program provides more than one way to clean and inspect the computer accurately and distinctly where you can clean files, folders and programs at the beginning Windows runs automatically, saving you a lot of time and effort and the other way is to delete the files in the trash can be deleted automatically and the third way is to scan the root and clean the computer from all unnecessary files.

 Information on the release of CCleaner 2019

 Program Release: CCleaner 5.49.6856

 Date of issue: November 2018

 Developer: Piriform

 The official website of the program

 Program size: 17.2 MB

 Language of the program: Supports many languages

 Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

 Windows 10-Windows 8.1- Windows7-8

 Software license: FREE

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