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Download Driver Genius 2019 Updating computer drivers

Driver Genius is the latest version of Windows and Mac Direct Download
One of the most powerful and powerful programs used to find computer hardware definitions and to bring definitions to all types of devices such as motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mouse, keyboards, cameras, video capture cards and other computer parts. Scan, backup and restore drivers and tariffs, monitor hardware and enhance the performance of the operating system.

Genius Driver scans your computer for drivers or definitions of old computer parts and updates them automatically or on demand. Genius Driver can schedule scans, backups, restore drivers and definitions, monitor hardware, enhance the performance of your operating system, Genius Driver improves computer performance with the Windows Driver Manager that automatically copies, retrieves, and updates your device drivers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Genius Driver updates drivers that your system can not find on its own, where it can perform system analysis and recommend suitable computer drivers from a database of more than 160,000 in addition to different drivers and the Genius Driver database On drivers for the vast majority of devices such as motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mouse, keyboards, digital cameras, video capture cards and other computer parts.

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Genius Driver Interface

Driver Genius makes a backup copy and saves it to any location you want on your hard drive until you get back to it when you need it. When installing a modern Windows, for example, you do not need to re-explain the concept of all the pieces again, but you can restore the definitions of pieces in a single click with a few clicks Driver Genius is one of the best programs in the field of drawing definitions and definitions for computer parts and components.

Download Driver Genius 2019 Updating computer drivers

Download Driver Genius 2019 Updating computer drivers

Once you run Driver Genius you will be given the option to search for the latest drivers, then you can download anything that might be missing. It is a program that has the ability to manage computers to get updated drivers and improve PC performance. Genius Driver Application users can back up, restore, and find new drives they may need for their computer controllers. Genius has a simple, easy to use interface that everyone can easily handle.

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Key features of Driver Genius
Updating computer definitions and drivers: If you're still using legacy or demo drivers? These corrupted programs can cause compatibility issues, but Driver Guinness comes to solve the problem of updating the definitions of computer parts and drivers.
Restore tariffs at once: With Driver Genius no longer need to install drivers one by one after reinstalling the operating system. Just one click.

Backup to computer definitions and software: Genius Driver can detect and speed up installed drivers on the system and can even compress and update backup drivers.
Direct update: You can synchronize your local Driver Genius database with the latest drivers using LiveUpdate.

Cleaning the Drivers: There may be some drivers remaining in your system because of hardware changes or driver updates that the program cleans and finds updates for.
View hardware and pieces information: This tool can be used to show detailed information about computers such as the CPU, motherboard, and so on.
Device Monitoring: The Monitor tab in the Options dialog box includes basic but welcome temperature monitoring and alerts for CPU, graphics cards, and hard drives.
Add Game Booster: The Booster Booster can temporarily improve your computer resources to play games and return them to normal settings when you're finished.
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Driver Genius allows you to automatically find drivers and definitions for all devices. You can download, renew or delete unnecessary programs. It can perform backups, retrieve definitions and scan schedules for older drivers, search for updated drivers, and backups can be used to restore The framework for a previous phase and Driver Genius will save them in multiple modes in order to recover backups.
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 It is known that the legacy disk that it owns is no longer useful as a result of the continuous refurbishment of the hardware

New users can get a free 60-day license code.
Update the Driver Installation Module for Windows 10.
Update hardware information components.
Components for update compression.
Fix minor errors.
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The Driver Genius program is one of the most important and necessary software for computers, which examines the parts and parts of the hardware of the computer and laptop and then find their own definitions or make sure that new updates to the definitions of the computer and then apply the definitions immediately with a few simple clicks and is easy to use and simple High performance and efficiency in searching for definitions updates for cutting computers.

Free version: Driver Genius
Compatible with: Windows XP | Vista 7 8 8.1 10 + 64bit
Developer: home page
Size: 11 MB

Category: computer software, computer software 2019

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