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Google Chrome 2019 is a web browser developed by Google so that people can browse the Internet through this browser, which provides high speed in the process of surfing the Internet and full security during dealing on the Internet is the most famous in the Internet browsers, which ranks first It is produced by the famous company rich in the definition of Google and this or as Google called or Google is an American company specialized in the field of ads that are linked to search online and send messages to e-mail through the Gmail which organizes this large amount of information availableThis browser has all the capabilities that help the user to browse securely in a simple and easy way, because it works on all operating systems and is designed to maintain stability, speed and security as the browser depends on the design of the source code of the browser Chromium but With a slight difference in the identity between each and in the license to use between the browser Chromium and Google Chrome in order to operate the browser to browse the web well and also supports many languages, including Arabic language in addition to the simple user interface and easy to use added to the search feature.

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

Address bar and access to all the different pages and sites that the user browses. This feature or property saves the user time and effort in searching for pages that have already been downloaded. You can also save all sites and pages in your Favorites list for reference at any time later in this release From the Internet browser Google Chrome 2019 latest version will enjoy the high speed in the use of the Internet in addition to the protection and security and the preservation of your data and privacy of the entry of any person it is also Google Chrome browser Brauser Arab full automatic and periodic update itself, making it easier toDownloaded the last version of the program without having to have the updated version.

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

What's new in the Google Chrome browser : -

Chrome is the most powerful Internet browser in the world. It works at high speed to open all websites. It depends on the development of advanced technology Flash and HTML5. It makes the Internet safer during browsing.

The idea of ​​creating a Google Chrome program started when the team was suffering from the problem that Internet browsers used one thing in the implementation of all the Internet operations, leading to the team Google Gear to create this browser to work faster than other browsers that were causing a slow Browse pages and do not display pages containing Java Askrin as Java language is a high-level language used in web browsers to create many of the most interactive pages.

Google Chrome for PC and Mobile:

The developer team of Google Chrome browser solved the problem that existed in the operating system as each web page is open in the browser operates its own operations and its own way to ensure that the consumption of the resources of the device and not overload the memory and inflation because of the poor management of memory and this is a very good feature in cases A site has caused the browser to crash.

Designed by Google Chrome's new web browser:

 The program is designed to improve security, speed and stability compared to many existing browsers because there are many basic differences in the user interface. It is said that the browser was built on the Mozilla Firefox browser but added many features and features in the Safari web browser And other add-ons that you can download to enjoy your browser and do a lot of things.

The whole new software interface:

 The interface of the Google Chrome program has been improved and the use of the new Tab feature ensures full control of the program and full control of the tools. This way, Google Medicine will have the toolbar and bookmarks go with the tab in the event of animation and more than giving the user a simple interface that does not take up much space to display the web page as it was Add the search feature in your browser so that you can search in the date of the page and the autocomplete feature is included which means that there is no storage in your favorites anymore.

Security and full privacy:

Google Chrome allows you to add many new features and features that you can download free of charge from the Google Add-ons Store. Google has also supported these features in order to maintain the privacy of the user. Added the warning feature of malicious pages on the web so as not to These malicious sites can affect the user's device. All of these add-ons will work safely and effectively on your device without being exploited negatively to harm you.

  Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

Google Chrome browser features: -

Sync : You can easily sync across devices, where you can access and open tabs and bookmarks from your mobile or computer.

Provide many data : As you can after downloading the Google Chrome browser reduce the usage rate of the device data to about 50 percent during the process of browsing.

Speed ​​while browsing : You can choose the results that appear when you search for anything you want in the browser search box, as well as a high speed of accessing many of the pages and sites you visited earlier.

Voice Search : You can also take advantage of many of the features and capabilities of the wonderful browser in the Internet Google Chrome These features are voice search where you can find many answers on the go without handwriting.

Translation in many languages : You can translate all web pages easily in any language you want because the browser supports all languages ​​including Arabic, English and many other languages ​​around the world.

Full privacy : Google Chrome allows you Google Chrome 2019 new version of the possibilities, including the preservation of privacy and hidden mode while browsing the Internet without saving the sites you visit on the record, the browser maintains privacy and you can quickly move on the toolbar and open many tabs.

Auto-update : The browser automatically and periodically updates while new versions of the browser are available so that users can enjoy many of the tools added to this new version.
Save files : You can save all files, documents and different locations and save your passwords and email to your browser in your favorites list for reference at any time to save time and effort in the search for these sites.

High speed : As mentioned, the program has a simple and easy interface that can be handled easily and it is a fast program during browsing, which ensures that you open all pages as quickly as possible without waiting.

Operating system support : The browser supports all different Windows operating systems. It also avoids the use of Flash Player. It detects and automatically detects all errors and detects all viruses that may infect the browser or infect the device. Spyware is also detected by the browser.

The browser is free : You can download the Google Chrome browser for free with the direct download link The latest version of Google Chrome 2018 for full Arabic computer through the direct link below for all devices.

Ad blocking : Your browser has many extensions, including the addition of blocking annoying ads that cause inconvenience to the user, and ensures that you browse the Internet safely without fear of ads that cause inconvenience while browsing the Internet.

Information about Download Google Chrome browser for PC: -
Program name: " Google Chrome ".
Developer: Google .
Software Size: 47.5 MB.
License: Fully Free.
Compatible systems: Windows, Android.
Software Interface: Many languages. 


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