Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Download Netcut is one of the most important programs that must be present on your computer, which is used to disconnect Internet networks from subscribers, especially networks that have a high download rate is a necessary and important program in cutting the Internet where the program can separate the net from some participants with you in The Internet is in a state of need if you need faster Internet or faster surfing, so the Internet disconnecting program or disconnecting the Internet from the rest of the participants is the best solution for these conditions.

You can control and control the shared people with you on the router or the wireless network in general and the knowledge of the callers and be able to disconnect the net from any subscriber so easily to provide high speed Net and the program works on the absence of IP And display all the members' names on the network and display your IP shared in addition to the type of device used by each subscriber so developers have updated the program and the issuance of the new version 2019 made available to computers running Windows and Mobile and examples of Windows  Pussy Pei, Windows ships , Windows 8, Windows 10 , Vista, Android and Mac and iPhone and other operating systems as the main idea underlying the program is to know the AA IP address or address your own profile for each user or shared on the network and control the speed that you want To reach each user at the limit according to the speed of the Internet shared on the network.

Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Features of Netcut cut off the Internet for free : - 

Cut the Internet completely : With the new Net Net, you can cut and close the Internet from your network contacts through the control panel of the program by pressing the Cut Cut button to separate the network to anyone you want to disconnect from the network.

Identify devices : The program can identify the IP of each device connected to you as well as the knowledge and appearance of the names of the callers and subscribers with you on the network all without anyone to know your data and does not know your IP where you can hide the appearance.

Availability in many languages : The program supports and is available in many different languages, including Arabic, English and many other languages. This program spreads among many users around the world in addition to complete security, data preservation and privacy.

Ease of dealing and use : One of the advantages that make the program of the important applications is the program has a simple interface that is easy for the user to deal with and connect to the settings and features in the program with ease and easy, the program does not require prior experience or learning how to use.

Getting high speed Net : It is worth mentioning as we mentioned in advance that you can control the full subscribers in terms of speed of the Internet and disconnect on some to get the highest speed Internet and access to full speed to enjoy browsing and download as fast as possible.

Support most systems : The program supports and supports many different operating systems that operate most of the devices, especially the devices running Windows operating system as well as Android and iPhone and a lot of operating systems that operate the devices and the program allows you to control the speed of each connection on your network .

Software name: NetCut.
Developed company:
Program size: 1.8 MB.
Compatible Systems: Windows.
License: FREE

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