Download QQ Player 2019 For Win 7/8/10

Program Description

The program QQ Player 2019, which is used by everyone as a powerful tool to run all kinds of multimedia files such as video and audio files as it is one of the most popular programs on the world, the program has won the admiration of millions of users and this program is used as an alternative and a strong competitor to popular multimedia programs such as Media Player Classic with the installation of QQ Player can play all video and audio formats in addition to playing Flash files with the format of SWF, you are indispensable for any other multimedia program, the program avoids all external codecs, depending on the internal coding and can run Flash games In a distinctive and more wonderful on your computer directly All you have to install the program through the direct link below this screen is one program \ of multimedia drivers that offer many advantages and possibilities for users and undoubtedly does not go without multimedia programs on any A device where users need these programs in order to be able to play the videos and audio tracks that they want a large number of multimedia drivers appeared, which causes confusion to users when they want to choose the appropriate program, but we provide you a lot where we offer you Player program QQ which is one of the best of these programs in the field of video playback

Download QQ Player 2019 For Win 7/8/10

Download QQ Player 2019 For Win 7/8/10

Features of the program

* QQ Player 2019 is a free program and is available to collect computer users in general and the program is easy to use and will not face any difficulties through it

* The program searches for the appropriate translation from the Internet and is automatically loaded and supports many translation files such as SRT, ASS and SSA

* With the program you can capture the images you like from the video Screenshots smoothly as well as you can capture GIF images from the video

* The program is more than wonderful It also supports the program in many languages, including Arabic and English and the program has the ability to play movies and video in 3D with high quality

* The program can get rid of unwanted clips by cutting and cutting video in addition to the possibility of control of the surface and lighting and contrast

* The program is able to integrate many small video formats to create large video with unified and distinctive content

* The program can compress the large video size to reduce the size and upload it online to send it to your friends via social networking sites or save it on the cloud where the program supports the cloud storage system

* With QQ Player 2019 you can rotate the screen in all directions and control the screen mode horizontally or vertically

* The program has a simple interface and easy to use and can enlarge the sound ten times the original size. It also works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7, and works on all existing nuclei such as 32-bit and 64-bit without any problems

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