Download Software to create movies and video clips cartoon animation

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Free program for the creation and creation of characters cartoon and animation

If you think that making animated movies is difficult, you may be fairly right, but that depends mainly on the tool you use. Hence the role of Plotagon, which makes it easy for anyone to create fun stories with animation. PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. But this is a PC version that provides a video maker and cartoon graphics Plotagon is a simple way to create professional animation movies.

Before you download and use the Plotagon, you need to create a story plan first and then add it to your Plotagon program scene. You can simply copy and paste the dialog into the relevant positions and please note that you may need to type some words for the TTS robot to be pronounced correctly and feature a work program Plotagon is so great that you can be considered a very large social networking network focused on short films and feature films. Once you start tracking projects that interest you, you can focus on your own projects.
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The interface of the Plotagon program

Download Software to create movies and video clips cartoon animation


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Using Plotagon and when you open its window while displaying a P-like icon, the following window displays a "Welcome to the Plotagon" message and will give you the option to either create an account or sign in to take full advantage of the free animation program and you will need to create an account or alternatively you can sign in Using Facebook credentials by default, Plotagons features a single-character scene, but you can change the viewer and thus characters as your story unfolds. There are many characters and scenes that you can download for free and you can buy more if you want. When you click on "New Movie" Yu cartoons Plotagon latest version display window without a title in the thumbnail format to write your title who want passage by cartoonish industry.

The User Interface for the Video Maker and Plotagon displays tabs to create the scene, dialogue, action, motion, sound and music. You have to choose the appropriate scene for the movie and character you want to work on and the location of each of them in the scene, then select the dialog tab and write what you want the characters to say or say When you click on the dialogue button, you start adding a dialog box to a different person, then add the appropriate movement to the characters and sound effects that complement the scene.

 After you are satisfied with the work and create a professional animation, click on the "Publish and Share" button. J publish your video to the community create animated graphics Plotagon Each video on the URL of its own so that it can easily be shared.
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You can use virtual characters and environments, or you can create these components as desired. If you want custom components, you can create them based on a model you can add to the various forms of detail and employ any of the following:

These components in your creations all you have to do is save them in a specific name in your movies gallery and once you become your characters and your photography environment ready you will have to submit their movements and dialogues and to do this you will find before you a long list of movements and interactions that your characters can do in The time you wish.

Plotagon and Plotagon requires at least 1GB of free hard disk space, at least 2 GB of RAM, a DirectX-compatible sound card, and a DirectX 9-compatible video card. It's a free, fast and easy-to-use animation program All users including beginners can easily handle the program and you can now download the latest version of Plotagon with a direct download link.

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