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How to download your instagram scripts

You can stop using Instagram whenever you want, but do not give away your publications from photos, videos and stories without downloading from Instagram because the company allows you to upload all your publications, as is the case with your Facebook account.

The new feature came after the introduction of the European Union's GDPR Privacy Act on 25 May. After this new law, everything you publish on your account can be collected from the beginning of its use so far from images, videos, messages and stories after the download option from Instagram.

You can start this process through Instagram, but the feature is not available in all versions of the application so now we recommend that you make a download request from Instagram through the web browser. The process is very easy and you only need the email associated with your account and password.

Before starting to explain the method, we note that the company confirmed that the download request from Instagram would take two days to collect all your publications and make them available to you

How to download your instagram scripts

Through the web browser go to this link by clicking here.

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Enter the email address associated with your account and click Next.

Download site from Instagram

Enter the password and press Request Download.

How to download images

After waiting a specified period (up to two days), look for a message from Instagram in your e-mail which will include the complete instructions for downloading your publications from Instagram.

Request download from Instagram

Click on Download Data.

Download from Instagram

Enter your account information and press Log in.

Download Instagram images

Click All download links.

Upload your data from Instagram

After loading them, right click on one of the folders and choose Extract All Then, re-process each folder.

Download from Instagram

Finally, go to these folders to see all the photos and videos you have previously shared and posted on.

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Download Photos from Instagram

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How to download your instagram scripts

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