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Download Avira Phantom VPN encrypts your Internet connection

Avira Phantom VPN encrypts your Internet connection, allowing you to evade hackers, keeping your web interactions private and bypassing geographically restricted content so that you can enjoy your favorite sites anywhere you can and can not be tracked and makes Wi-Fi networks secure and provides anonymous browsing Unrestricted access to your favorite content on the Internet and the protection of financial information, passwords and other private files and makes them safe and can not be intercepted or read by third parties and prevent the intruders from tracking you as much as possible.

Avira Phantom VPN makes you an anonymous user for ever-changing websites and overrides restrictions on websites by setting your Internet connection to appear as if you were somewhere else. You can prevent social network tracking, prevent hacking, and hide your personal data. Avira Phantom VPN has an easy-to-use interface that can be easily handled without any complexity and can be easily handled by any user. Avira Phantom VPN is one of the best and most powerful programs to hide and change IE B And the protection of privacy.

Download Avira Phantom VPN encrypts your Internet connection


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Avira Phantom VPN is one of the programs where you can prevent your computer from being hacked, prevent spyware, and prevent the transfer of information. This program transfers your IP address to another country and encrypts all communications very well and in a way that does not lead to The ability to access your information and your computer's address because it encrypts all traffic and prevents online spies from seeing your connections (with friends, social networks, shopping / banking portals) on all networks including open Wi-Fi / public Wi-Fi Using SSL 256-bit encryption between your machine and our servers.

Avira Phantom VPN enables you to select the country you want to tunnel through secure access and access to your favorite sites. Avira Phantom VPN, designed by Avira, is one of the best ways to make sure your privacy is free from various threats when accessing the web. Avira Phantom VPN to prevent hacking of computers and smart phones, you can prevent the opening of some of the blocked sites and it is easy to use to change the IP address and hide your real address and give you a fake title and it gives you several countries to change them and the features of the program: Secure encryption - Protection of communications Private VPN is fast - it works silently and you can now download the latest version of Avira Phantom VPN with a direct download link.
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Avira Phantom VPN You can prevent some blocked sites from being opened in certain areas. Some countries block certain sites so that the user does not handle them and hide your activity by changing the masks of your real IP address to make you look somewhere ) To help maintain your identity and confidential activities (eg bank transfers or calls) especially against online intruders. Avira Phantom VPN uses the World Wide Web to allow you to set your Ebay address to look like it's somewhere else. Helps you access personal networks etc Your opinion.

Privacy Protection Avira Phantom VPN can bypass game servers limited to challenge your friends around the world and keep your connections encrypted and secure and prevent your IP address from being tracked online. Avira Phantom VPN can be used by website owners and learn how to The appearance of your website abroad and how to identify it on the search engines abroad and encrypts the communication between your device and web servers and uses powerful protocols in the process of encryption to protect your personality when you are online and allows you to surf the Internet without restrictions.

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Avira Phantom VPN encrypts the Internet connection and provides protection from hackers and Internet surfers and protects the user

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Download Google Chrome Browser final The latest version

Google Chrome is a browser that combines the design with minimal advanced technology to make the Internet faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome browser comes with a full range of competitive features, which makes Google Chrome browser the most compatible standards and fastest tools available. And load web pages quickly and provides support for extensions that make it the best and fastest Internet browsers of Google Chrome browser is also designed to be fast in every possible way and start at high speed from the desktop and download web pages in a blink and run complex web applications quickly and simplify the window The Chrome browser also seamlessly includes the simple Chrome features that are designed for efficiency and ease of use.

 For example you can search and navigate from the same box and arrange the tabs Google Chrome browser is designed for a more secure web with built-in protection tool for malware and phishing protection. Google Chrome brings up-to-date release with the latest security updates.

The Google Chrome browser uses tabs with the title bar and controls on each tab in this way. Google ensures that the title bar and gadgets go with the tab, giving the least possible interface to allow space to display web pages in a highly professional way. Google Chrome The most popular program to surf the Internet at the level of the world now Google Chrome is one of the strongest and fastest Internet browsers and the most famous.

Download Google Chrome Browser final The latest version 

Google Chrome protects your privacy and control your personal information while browsing various websites, protecting your passwords, hacking, surfing, and security by protecting your computer from spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, and sending alerts while you're there. Sites infected and cause a danger on your device as the browser Google Chrome Google Chrome has many useful features including extensions and translation in the browser and appearances and more Google Chrome supports the use of plugins and there is a special store for For extensions you can install whatever you want and there are special additions to download files from the Internet.

Google Chrome is a browser that is indispensable because it is one of the most important and famous Internet browsers where it is characterized by high speed in browsing and security and simplicity in dealing and design has been supported Selection of backgrounds and images and colors of the browser from many backgrounds and images provided by the browser to users to suit all tastes And the addition of the security browsing and prevent the download of files damaged and infected with viruses In this version of the browser Google Chrome Google Chrome has been developed search feature in the browser to include the autocomplete feature of the search words and also search the history of your browsing and supported Google browser Chrome Google Chrome has many of the security and privacy features that we lack in most browsers The most important of these features the possibility of opening a new page read-only and other great features of Google's browser and you can now download the latest version of Google Chrome Google Chrome direct download link.

Google Chrome Google Chrome is a web browser that works on all operating systems and is developed by Google and was built on the open source browser Chromium, which contains some open-source plug-in and was adopted in the design of Google Chrome browser mainly on the security and speed and stability compared to existing browsers and adopt Google Chrome is a webkit open source and fast-paced web browser engine. You can enjoy browsing with your favorite Google Chrome browser on your desktop from your phone or tablet, and you can continue browsing from where you left off. On other devices by synchronizing tabs as well as voice search feature integrated with Google Chrome browser.

The Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular browsers in the world, which has won the trust of millions of users and is characterized by high speed and safety, which made the web browser Google Chrome Google Chrome gets very popular in the recent period, offering a lot of features that make it better

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Download WhatsApp for Windows WhatsApp for pc 2019

WhatsApp for Windows WhatsApp for Windows The WhatsApp official application for Windows desktop applications provides you to stay in touch anytime, anywhere on your phone or at home or work computer. WhatsApp for PC and WhatsApp for PC for Windows systems The application itself is very much like the WhatsApp web which was supposed to be an extension of your phone The application reflects the conversations and messages from the mobile device to Watts AP for Windows WhatsApp because the application originally works on your desktop will be You have support for desktop desktop alerts and keyboard shortcuts just as good as the web.

WhatsApp for pc has a simple interface and works very efficiently on the computer from now Enjoy chat and chat and PC Messenger for free Free program for instant chat for Windows, which makes you give up text messages and use Wattab to exchange messages, photos, videos, documents and messages Voice and calls with friends and family as the new Wattasab for Windows systems uses the same Internet data plan that you use for e-mail and for surfing the net and with the download of WhatsApp for the computer WhatsApp there is no costs for In addition to individual messaging, can chat in groups as well as share media from photos, videos and audio files. WhatsApp for PC is one of the best and most powerful chat and conversation programs.

Download WhatsApp for Windows WhatsApp for pc 2019

Download WhatsApp for Windows WhatsApp for pc

Watsab for Windows provides users with a set of powerful features that help them share their geographic location, group conversations and send pictures and videos to friends. Windows Watts provides several features, including the possibility of running the application automatically when starting Windows, WhatsApp for Windows is free and the new desktop application gives you a message with friends and family while your phone stays in your pocket. The Wattab account must be installed on your cell phone so you can From using WhatsApp on your computer.

The official version of the famous Chat Watcher desktop application ensures you access to your conversations through your computer or mobile phone wherever the application is very similar to Watts Web and ensures you the program full access to all the features available on mobile and you can now download WhatsApp for computers and you can now WhatsApp is on the computer and works on all systems. WattsP is one of the most popular instant chat programs. At the moment, WhatsApp Computer is the most popular chat and chat program. Watsab software is used by a very large number of updates are available for computers and you can follow up with us and you can now download the latest version of Watsab for the computer WhatsApp for Windows direct download link.

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WhatsApp Talks for PC is synchronized with your mobile device because it works on your desktop and you will have support for desktop alerts and keyboard shortcuts. WhatsApp for PC is great for instant conversations, sending pictures, videos, music, and making voice and video calls for free without any Costs or fees The program of Talks and Calls Watts WhatsApp of computers is among the best chat programs, communication and conversations at all has gained great fame because it has many features and is considered the most powerful in the level of communication and video chat programs and from me These features feature small size.

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Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2019 Best Email Manager

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2019 Best Email Manager
Download best e-mail manager 2019 free computer in Arabic - Mozilla Thunderbird 2019 Free
No one is now giving up on email. It has become an important part of daily life. Most email users always have many accounts. They need a program to manage all email accounts and organize messages in folders and folders. From Mozilla, the famous and rich Firefox browser.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2019 Best Email Manager 

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2019 Best Email Manager

Thunderbird is used by millions of people around the world to manage e-mail is a free and soft on the computer and is compatible with all versions of Windows and 32-bit and 64-bit systems Get the program now directly link on the site of the island of imagination.

Mozilla Thunderbird helps you to open all kinds of e-mail on your desktop is a safe, fast and easy to use program contains powerful features such as filters and filtering of e-mail from the content of random and fraudulent and electronic and quick search feature includes Thunderbird e-mail tabbed, and new search tools and indexing, Smart folders, Firefox support, a streamlined setup wizard, and powerful spam protection that include phishing and spam filters.

Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best e-mail management programs produced by Mozilla, which is famous for producing the most widely used Internet browser in the world.
Download Mozilla Thunderbird 2018 arabic & English to manage e-mail accounts in both English and Arabic,

Download Thunderbird for PC

Software version: - Mozilla Thunderbird 60.2.1 FINAL
Program size: - 30 MB
Program Compatibility: - All windows
Software license: - Free

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Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Daily update

Google Chrome 2019 is a web browser developed by Google so that people can browse the Internet through this browser, which provides high speed in the process of surfing the Internet and full security during dealing on the Internet is the most famous in the Internet browsers, which ranks first It is produced by the famous company rich in the definition of Google and this or as Google called or Google is an American company specialized in the field of ads that are linked to search online and send messages to e-mail through the Gmail which organizes this large amount of information availableThis browser has all the capabilities that help the user to browse securely in a simple and easy way, because it works on all operating systems and is designed to maintain stability, speed and security as the browser depends on the design of the source code of the browser Chromium but With a slight difference in the identity between each and in the license to use between the browser Chromium and Google Chrome in order to operate the browser to browse the web well and also supports many languages, including Arabic language in addition to the simple user interface and easy to use added to the search feature.

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

Address bar and access to all the different pages and sites that the user browses. This feature or property saves the user time and effort in searching for pages that have already been downloaded. You can also save all sites and pages in your Favorites list for reference at any time later in this release From the Internet browser Google Chrome 2019 latest version will enjoy the high speed in the use of the Internet in addition to the protection and security and the preservation of your data and privacy of the entry of any person it is also Google Chrome browser Brauser Arab full automatic and periodic update itself, making it easier toDownloaded the last version of the program without having to have the updated version.

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

What's new in the Google Chrome browser : -

Chrome is the most powerful Internet browser in the world. It works at high speed to open all websites. It depends on the development of advanced technology Flash and HTML5. It makes the Internet safer during browsing.

The idea of ​​creating a Google Chrome program started when the team was suffering from the problem that Internet browsers used one thing in the implementation of all the Internet operations, leading to the team Google Gear to create this browser to work faster than other browsers that were causing a slow Browse pages and do not display pages containing Java Askrin as Java language is a high-level language used in web browsers to create many of the most interactive pages.

Google Chrome for PC and Mobile:

The developer team of Google Chrome browser solved the problem that existed in the operating system as each web page is open in the browser operates its own operations and its own way to ensure that the consumption of the resources of the device and not overload the memory and inflation because of the poor management of memory and this is a very good feature in cases A site has caused the browser to crash.

Designed by Google Chrome's new web browser:

 The program is designed to improve security, speed and stability compared to many existing browsers because there are many basic differences in the user interface. It is said that the browser was built on the Mozilla Firefox browser but added many features and features in the Safari web browser And other add-ons that you can download to enjoy your browser and do a lot of things.

The whole new software interface:

 The interface of the Google Chrome program has been improved and the use of the new Tab feature ensures full control of the program and full control of the tools. This way, Google Medicine will have the toolbar and bookmarks go with the tab in the event of animation and more than giving the user a simple interface that does not take up much space to display the web page as it was Add the search feature in your browser so that you can search in the date of the page and the autocomplete feature is included which means that there is no storage in your favorites anymore.

Security and full privacy:

Google Chrome allows you to add many new features and features that you can download free of charge from the Google Add-ons Store. Google has also supported these features in order to maintain the privacy of the user. Added the warning feature of malicious pages on the web so as not to These malicious sites can affect the user's device. All of these add-ons will work safely and effectively on your device without being exploited negatively to harm you.

  Download Google Chrome for PC 2019 Offline Installer

Google Chrome browser features: -

Sync : You can easily sync across devices, where you can access and open tabs and bookmarks from your mobile or computer.

Provide many data : As you can after downloading the Google Chrome browser reduce the usage rate of the device data to about 50 percent during the process of browsing.

Speed ​​while browsing : You can choose the results that appear when you search for anything you want in the browser search box, as well as a high speed of accessing many of the pages and sites you visited earlier.

Voice Search : You can also take advantage of many of the features and capabilities of the wonderful browser in the Internet Google Chrome These features are voice search where you can find many answers on the go without handwriting.

Translation in many languages : You can translate all web pages easily in any language you want because the browser supports all languages ​​including Arabic, English and many other languages ​​around the world.

Full privacy : Google Chrome allows you Google Chrome 2019 new version of the possibilities, including the preservation of privacy and hidden mode while browsing the Internet without saving the sites you visit on the record, the browser maintains privacy and you can quickly move on the toolbar and open many tabs.

Auto-update : The browser automatically and periodically updates while new versions of the browser are available so that users can enjoy many of the tools added to this new version.
Save files : You can save all files, documents and different locations and save your passwords and email to your browser in your favorites list for reference at any time to save time and effort in the search for these sites.

High speed : As mentioned, the program has a simple and easy interface that can be handled easily and it is a fast program during browsing, which ensures that you open all pages as quickly as possible without waiting.

Operating system support : The browser supports all different Windows operating systems. It also avoids the use of Flash Player. It detects and automatically detects all errors and detects all viruses that may infect the browser or infect the device. Spyware is also detected by the browser.

The browser is free : You can download the Google Chrome browser for free with the direct download link The latest version of Google Chrome 2018 for full Arabic computer through the direct link below for all devices.

Ad blocking : Your browser has many extensions, including the addition of blocking annoying ads that cause inconvenience to the user, and ensures that you browse the Internet safely without fear of ads that cause inconvenience while browsing the Internet.

Information about Download Google Chrome browser for PC: -
Program name: " Google Chrome ".
Developer: Google .
Software Size: 47.5 MB.
License: Fully Free.
Compatible systems: Windows, Android.
Software Interface: Many languages. 


Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Download Netcut is one of the most important programs that must be present on your computer, which is used to disconnect Internet networks from subscribers, especially networks that have a high download rate is a necessary and important program in cutting the Internet where the program can separate the net from some participants with you in The Internet is in a state of need if you need faster Internet or faster surfing, so the Internet disconnecting program or disconnecting the Internet from the rest of the participants is the best solution for these conditions.

You can control and control the shared people with you on the router or the wireless network in general and the knowledge of the callers and be able to disconnect the net from any subscriber so easily to provide high speed Net and the program works on the absence of IP And display all the members' names on the network and display your IP shared in addition to the type of device used by each subscriber so developers have updated the program and the issuance of the new version 2019 made available to computers running Windows and Mobile and examples of Windows  Pussy Pei, Windows ships , Windows 8, Windows 10 , Vista, Android and Mac and iPhone and other operating systems as the main idea underlying the program is to know the AA IP address or address your own profile for each user or shared on the network and control the speed that you want To reach each user at the limit according to the speed of the Internet shared on the network.

Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Download Netcut 2019 Full Direct Link Win 7/8/10

Features of Netcut cut off the Internet for free : - 

Cut the Internet completely : With the new Net Net, you can cut and close the Internet from your network contacts through the control panel of the program by pressing the Cut Cut button to separate the network to anyone you want to disconnect from the network.

Identify devices : The program can identify the IP of each device connected to you as well as the knowledge and appearance of the names of the callers and subscribers with you on the network all without anyone to know your data and does not know your IP where you can hide the appearance.

Availability in many languages : The program supports and is available in many different languages, including Arabic, English and many other languages. This program spreads among many users around the world in addition to complete security, data preservation and privacy.

Ease of dealing and use : One of the advantages that make the program of the important applications is the program has a simple interface that is easy for the user to deal with and connect to the settings and features in the program with ease and easy, the program does not require prior experience or learning how to use.

Getting high speed Net : It is worth mentioning as we mentioned in advance that you can control the full subscribers in terms of speed of the Internet and disconnect on some to get the highest speed Internet and access to full speed to enjoy browsing and download as fast as possible.

Support most systems : The program supports and supports many different operating systems that operate most of the devices, especially the devices running Windows operating system as well as Android and iPhone and a lot of operating systems that operate the devices and the program allows you to control the speed of each connection on your network .

Software name: NetCut.
Developed company:
Program size: 1.8 MB.
Compatible Systems: Windows.
License: FREE

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