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The benefits of programming programming for children

Digital technology is a big part of the lives of many children today. Our children are surrounded by smartphones, computers, video games, and so on.

Like physics, math, chemistry or biology, it is important for children to understand the basic building blocks of their lives.

Teaching children programming helps them understand that what is happening around them is not magic, and that they can create useful apps and games themselves.

But knowing what is happening under the cover of modern technology is only one of the benefits of learning programming for children. There are many other benefits that a child learns from programming.

In this topic, we have brought together the most important benefits of programming education for children

Computer Thinking

When children learn to read and write code, they develop cognitive skills and learn to solve problems in a computer-like way.

The process involves recognizing patterns, representing the problem in new and different ways, organizing and analyzing data logically, transforming the problem into smaller parts, identifying and establishing steps to solve the problem, running the procedures, and analyzing the results.

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Logical thinking is required in programming, which means that the child is required to formulate step-by-step procedures to reach a specific result. This involves the use of expressions, selection, repetition, phrases, conditional sentences and other logical terms.

Future career

Programming can make your child discover his passion for life, and help him decide his future career, a question that many parents experience in finding the right direction for their children.

Programming is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions in the next few decades and the most exciting, especially with the development of artificial intelligence, robotics, robotics and other interesting fields.

Preparing for future jobs

Teaching your child programming now means that you are helping him prepare for one of the necessary skills in the future. The constant spread of technology and its importance in our lives require a lot of people with programming skills.

Even many non-code functions that require the use of computers require little knowledge of the programming domain.

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In addition, learning programming means learning children’s useful skills for their future such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Problem Solving

Teaching children programming helps break down complex problems and develop a sense of problem solving. As with other fields of science in which certain hypotheses are tested to solve a problem, the child during the programming process to discover a bug and generate smart hypotheses and change parts of the code to solve the problem.

Thinking outside the box

Programming direct messages to children that they can create anything from nothing if they really want to work on it. Through programming, it is possible to extend the space to what is possible and narrow the space to the impossible, which enhances their progress and thinking and improve the quality of their lives and make them always think outside the box .

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The benefits of programming programming for children

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