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What will the next nine cameras offer us?

Silicon Valley's emerging Light Company plans to launch its first smartphone with nine camera and folding lenses at the end of this year. But what will this phone offer us?

What will the next nine cameras offer us?

Last year, the company launched a camera with 16 lenses, and now plans to integrate the same technology into a smart phone.

Smart phones, dual-lens and even triple-lens cameras, are now very common. Light plans to launch this nine-lens and folding phone as well.

The nine-camera smartphone

The company claims that the camera will provide exceptional performance in low-light mode as well as various depth effects when shooting images up to 64 megapixels. This will certainly attract the attention of enthusiasts who are lovers of photography.

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One of the main problems is that these images will occupy a large space and will create a storage crisis on the phone. If users choose to store images in a cloud, users will be charged a large amount and will take longer to upload all images.

The nine-camera smartphone

This unique technique uses camera lenses of different focal lengths to capture multiple images at the same time and then uses a special algorithm to merge them together and create a single image.

In order to find a place in the competitive market, Light needs to make sure that its technology is at the highest quality and there is no defect.

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What will the next nine cameras offer us?

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